Well, Well, Well … If It Isn’t 2024.

2023 is Kaput. Long Live 2024!

Pulp Friends! Group hug!

How was it? Did you party hard? Did you party soft? Whatever you did or didn’t do, for better or worse, the party’s over.

Relief, sadness, contemplation, elation. All of the above? Whatever the feels, truth be told, now there’s time to think, decompress and lean into the new year. 

New Year's are always loaded with expectations, revelations and resolutions! That’s a mouthful. But if you thought that putting the past behind and getting on with the Future Of You was a modern invention, then it’s time to rethink. 

Ye Olde New Year’s Resolutions

The Ancient Babylonians are said to be the first to make New Year's Resolutions, 4000 years ago.

It all started as making promises to their ‘Gods’ (e.g. "i promise to pay off my debts"). If Babylonians were faithful to their promises, the Gods would bestow good fortune upon them (like having a bumper veggie harvest). If not, they were put on the Gods’ ‘Naughty List’ (and were ‘punished’ with bad weather).

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Holiday Mashup … One can only imagine what the Babylonians’ NY Rez List was like ...

Anyway, while we’re on the subject, let’s delve into the Pulp-oriented stuff for this newborn year. Take our hand, hold your noses and get some good height on the jump into our in-and-outs! 

The Duality Of It All



  • Excessive/unhealthy use of opposable thumbs. Dolphins don't have them. Look how intelligent they are. 
  • Late nights at the local blue light disco.
  • Early mornings at the local blue light disco. 
  • Naysaying. We unequivocally deny, oppose and say ‘nay’ to naysaying. 
  • Making In’n’Out lists. 

2024 Has Rizz.

Thanks for showing up, 2024. We welcome you. You took your sweet time to arrive, but now that you’re here, we see and celebrate you; we like your vibe and wanna be friends. xx

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