EL SCORCHO! Summer ‘n’ Stationery: An Unlikely Power Couple.

We’re a Hot Mess, Pulpmates! And I Don’t Just Mean We’re On Fleek


Barack and Michelle, Beyonce and Jay Z, George and Amal… The list could go on! The thing about Power Couples is that they bring out the best in each other. 

The first power couple in history was -arguably- Marc Antony and Cleopatra. They fell in love and were politically beneficial for each other during the governance of Ancient Egypt. Serious stuff! Hollywood made a movie, and Shakespeare even wrote a play about it. Super dramatic. 

Summer Lovin’ Composition

It's categorically toasty this year. We are incandescent! Are you feeling it too? The thing is, it's nothing new. Summer has been around for ages. Longer than The Bard. It's literally the hottest, the brightest, and the most lengthy season.

But - little did anyone know- is that it is actually the best time to let one’s hair down (or tie it up in a top knot: that neck is getting sweaty!) and put pen to paper. 


Yup. Sketch, journal, write some lyrics, compose a poem, drop a line to your bestie, and let Summer be your muse. When things get too hot to handle, rouse yourself from your inner flow state and make a creative splash!

If you need more encouragement, here are three things that might help facilitate your Write-Up-Cool-Down Inspo:

  1. Towels (House of Nunu)! For the much-needed after-soak! And to sprawl across for a power nap. 
  2. Waterproof pouches (Dailylike)! To pack away all the things that got drenched at the pool party. 
  3. Journal paraphernalia (MD! MiGoals)! As a way to document important happenings, formulate ideas, or simply doodle your day away.


Do You Understand the Assignment? 

More importantly, do you choose to accept it? Notebook in one hand, snorkel in the other. Try logging into Teams with a piece of seaweed in your hand. Not weird at all. 

But seriously, let’s be real. There’s no better way to reconcile the ways of the ever-rising thermometer and the cosiness of putting pen to paper. Working/procrastinating from home/pool/beach/garden never looked so good. Devices begone. Paperie come hither.  

Now,  imagine Shakespeare sitting by the garden sprinkler scribbling down a ditty or two … If it’s good enough for The Prince of Poets, it’s good enough for you. xx

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