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Puffer Jackets for Pencils. Don’t Laugh, It’s a Thing.

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Puffer Jackets for Pencils.  Don’t Laugh, It’s a Thing.

Actually, you can laugh. It’s ridiculous. But it is also a thing. Besides, Puffer’s are trending.  The Good People at Livework have created some super cute casings for all your important things. With the longest name of all time for a pencil case, the ‘Little Things Padding Handle Pen Pouch’ comes in four fancy colourways:  black, lemon, orange, and my personal favourite: lavender. So damn pretty.  And this whimsical little pouch is just the tip of the iceberg. But this iceberg won’t sink your ship:  unless your ship is a massive cruiseliner of disorganised personal items. If so, consider your...

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What Makes Us Happy: Homewares Made Cute.

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What Makes Us Happy:  Homewares Made Cute.

When it comes to furnishing one's home, there is literally nothing more satisfying than finding something you never knew you needed but now can’t live without. An ‘A-Hah moment’ lifehack turned into a daily habit.  Think of towels. Think of incense holders. Think of cups, drink bottles and carafe sets. Now imagine that you can decorate and consume out of the most beautiful sets. Yes. Happiness. Everyone knows that coffee makes you happy. In Italy, the rise of espresso consumption was associated with industrialization and urbanization in the early 1900s. Nowadays, having an espresso machine is like a little piece...

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