If Fireworks Were Words: Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Thank You! Gesundheit!

(‘Gesundheit’ Isn’t Super Relevant Unless You’ve Got Allergies. It Just Sounds Like Fireworks To Us).

Time is a construct, enjoy it while you can. The years fly by!

And this one has been no different. It has been a feathery-winged soaring doozy! All the colours of the rainbow. You know what we mean. 

Now it’s time to pack away the year that was with some lovely ribbons and get on with the relaxation protocol. Enjoy the well-earned rest and get to the opposite of work! 

The History of Summer Holidays, anyone? The popular theory was that, in the 19th century, children would have a break from school to help work in the fields over the Summer. Gulp. 

The word holiday was derived from ‘Holy Day’, or ‘Saint’s Day’. Holy days were critical in the Middle Ages because people were so religious that they only took days off on these holy or saint days!

Back then, “going on Holiday” meant going on a pilgrimage to Rome or Jerusalem to pay respects to whatever deity was in your life. It was also the only time you could get a reset from the daily grind.  

Amazing stuff, right? But did any of those pilgrims have the presence of mind to take a journal with them? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever the answer, their loss is your gain. 

Choose your own adventure:

Pen in hand, notebook in your lap. What better way to spend time relaxing by the pool, surf, or garden sprinkler?

Time to lie back, relax, let the end of the year slowly come to a close, and gently watch 2024 ascend. 

Peace, Gratitude and Henry.

What have we learned this year, anyway, Pulp Studiers? We discovered that there are a lot of Henry’s in history.

Jesting aside (for a hot second!) Thank you for your time, attention and for keeping up with all these jaunty little blogisodes. 

We at Pulp wish you peace and happiness for the holidays and the new year. Stay safe, have fun and see you on the flip side … xx 

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