Your Best Furry Friend Awaits Your Aesthetic Influence. 

Consider the following questions, Pulp Hounds: Who will be happy to see you no matter your mood? Who will pester you to leave the house and exercise—rain, hail, or shine? Who has patience and unconditional love for you when you tell them all your sad, mad or boring stories? And who leaves their hair all over all your good clothes and doesn’t even offer to pay the dry cleaning bill?! And if they did, they don't have a job anyway, so they wouldn’t even be able to come up with the goods anyway …. Sigh. 😮‍💨 

You got it, Pulp Pet Mums 'n' Dads. The main character here is your shaggy four-legged friends, the cutest non-people on the planet. With their fuzzy faces, big soup bowl eyes, and endless love and affection for—guess who? Yes, you! Lucky you! 

So, with this in mind, this week’s commentary is dedicated to these fine, flocculent fellows and how you can make everyday tributes to their woofilicious and/or purrfect existences.

Ruf Ruf Poop Bag. Collect the ‘essential collectibles’ in style. You know what we’re talking about. The little nuggets of love that your pup leaves on every delightful stroll through the local park. This compact carrier holds all the nugget bags you need and is cute to boot!

Me + Amber Doggie Notebook. Teach your dog 100 words! Honestly, stranger things have happened. Besides, Dr. Seuss is never wrong!! Alternatively, simply jot memos about all the good times you’ve had with your pooch. Get Fido to paw-ink each page with approval. Diarise those fur baby moments. Every memory counts when it comes to these pawfully congenial creatures. 


Alternatively, surprise everyone by being defiantly oppositional and get really into cats. Start with Felt Cat Decorations, and see what happens from there … OR take a bolder stance and set the cat amongst the pigeons by writing to all your friends with a Midori Cat Letter set! Kill two birds with one stone -  (but actually, please don’t, it’s not nice. It’s just a metaphor!) - by confessing your love for cats with this cat paper! 

And there you have it, folks. Fido, Fluffy, Scruffy and Socks will be eternally oblivious to all the beautiful things you buy for them. But you know what? They will still love, cherish and be fervently pleased by every head scratch and joyful stroll you take them on, regardless. xx


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