Best Friend Chemistry

That’s what we got, Pulp Buddies, You ‘n’ Us! 

 We choose you, but you can choose anyone you wish to gift with stationery and related paraphernalia. Like never before and always after!

Please put your safety goggles on for a list of go-to items to experiment with in your friendship laboratory.  

Lyra Pencils are the Main Character of the pencil world. Lyra expresses the ultimate in German craftsmanship and pencil-ness. Perfectly pigmented, these ‘Herrlich’ (magnificent) tools are for drawing, colouring and creating vibrant masterpieces or lively, heartfelt letters to your loved ones. And the excellence of all this? They pair perfectly with another Wunderbar product (drum roll, please) …


Envelopes and Cards! Create and innovate by drawing yourself, drawing your bestie. Think of it as ‘Scientific Sketching’! Take the movie Being John Malkovich (i.e., surrealist fantasy, comedy, drama) as inspiration. 

Hey there, now you’re on the right track. You're so self-reflexive! You're so in the moment! Stick it on a care package and present it to your special person at your next rendevous. Your goal is to make them cry tears of unbridled joy. An internal Eureka moment, if we may say so!  

Japanese Thread. Of course, to make friendship bracelets! The friendship bracelet's origins started out as decorative knots for the wrist and can be traced back to China from 481 to 221 BC. The concept has obviously moved on to take the whole world by storm. Not to mention a certain American singer with many fans who like to exchange handmade friendship bracelets at her concerts.

Aside from all this hooh-hah. Making friendship bracelets is a lovely craft activity for a playdate or to send to a chum who lives half a world away. Either option works a treat to keep the good times rolling. How to make them? Ask, and we shall provide! Click here for a video tutorial for 3 Easy Beginner bracelets. 

Measure the length and distance of your sociability. No lab coat is required! Unless you want to, of course. You do look snazzy in white. 

So, what's the grand final of this scientific story? Litmus test results are in. Turn off all Bunsen burners and set aside your beaker tongs. At the end of the day, there really isn’t any science or rules for friendship. Simply choose to be kind, listen, be silly and laugh. 

Insert endnote  - until next time! xx

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