Repeat After Us: There’s No Place Like Home

Settle into Holidays at Home and Pulpify Your Living Spaces.

The second week of school holidays has a particular energy, wouldn’t you say?  It balances on the precipice of cosy relaxation and slothful procrastination. We’re speaking from experience. Can you relate?  

You probably already know there’s a happy medium to this divide between control and chaos. It’s a balancing act, but it’s definitely doable. There’s a little bit of ‘Sparking Joy’ involved. Yes, that’s code for tidying up. But not too much! Gotta keep the home vibes real. You hear me loud and clear. 

Three Things to Spark Joy? 

Let us introduce a triumvirate of objects to help make at-home life feel shiny, new and exciting while keeping calm and at pace with the necessary decompression protocol that holidays are meant for. OK? 23 Skidoo! (AKA This Way Please):


  • Hibi Incense. Make every nose breath count. Let the Hibi transport you to a calm, meditative state of mind—one restorative nasal breath at a time. Make it a box breath: four in, four out. Think of fluffy clouds passing by your mind’s eye while you defragment your nervous system—starting now! 

  • Paper Lanterns. Mood-light your home. Paper lanterns make everything feel cosy, comfy, and creative when the sun goes low. These delicate chandeliers are spherical, translucent, and gentle. They are an easy, happy way to simultaneously brighten and soften your evenings. Paradoxical, we know, but we don't make the rules about pleasing home comfort; we just follow them! 

  • High Tide Tarp Bags. Catapult all your gear (shoes, snorkelling stuff, toys, firewood)  into the tarp and let the floor be clear for impromptu Kabuki dancing. After all, you never know when the inspo will strike. While not holding all your stuff, use them for cubby pods when the little ones get the indoor construction bug and wanna make a whole apartment playhouse complex in the lounge room. Fort makers unite!
  • Yin ‘n’ Yang All Up in Ya Face. 

    Pulp Pals, we see you up there on that high beam of home organisation. We’re here to spot you. The ease and breeze of walking through a home with uncluttered floors, significantly beautiful aesthetic lighting and the aroma of hibi floating down the hallway. Clip your red glitter heels together, turn left at the cubby house and acclimatise to the new mood of your freshly zazzed domesticity: positivity, satisfaction and enjoyment! xx

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