School’s OUT Forever!

Well, Just Two Weeks. But We’ll Take It!

And what are holidays ultimately for? Travelling, playing, and relaxing—three things we can most certainly help you with. 

People of Pulp, take our hand for this happy holiday dance: buckle your laces, tie up your slip-ons and fox-trot over to our first-class VIP departure lounge, where we are delighted to offer the following:

Nahe Travel packing cubes.

Packing cubes are the ultimate destroyer. Of mess! They level off that overgrown mountain of clothes that has somehow, nonsensically, appeared in your suitcase. (Who chucked all that stuff in the bag and hoped for the best? Don’t look at us.)

Compartmentalise your adventures. Honestly, even just one of these colourful cubes packs a deep punch. For good measure, pack T-shirts, jeans, moisturisers, shower gels, undies, outies (define that as you like), toothbrushes, formal dresses, and a tuxedo. By hook or by crook, the packing cube inspires origami-precision and decisive decision-making when packing. Facts. 

Carolyn Suzuki Playing card set

Euchre, Bridge, Old Maid. Play them all with your Great Grandma. (Trust us, she knows the rules). This card set is for the stylish set - get it? And if you’re reading this, then naturally, that’s you! Pretty as a picture, functional and fun. That’s the whole package, if you ask us. Put your poker face on, and deal us in. 

Robert Gordon Latte Rest Rest Relax

Time to hunker down to indoor cosiness and read the signs. All of them point to: steamy cups of tea, coffee, hot choc and all flavours of soup! Add ice if you’re not partial to a hot drink (or if Gazpacho is your modus operandi). 

Anywho. Cast your eyes on the the delicious hot (or cold) water vapour rise from the most superlative liquid receptacles this side of town. This side of any town! When you’re done, show us the bottom of the cup, and we’ll read the tea leaves. Hmmm, yep, just as we suspected, your future’s so bright we gotta wear shades 😎 

BAM to the Holidays!

Take a moment to realise that you know how to do holidays right, especially with this playlist of products that will turn up your experiences. With intensity and volume. 

Wherever you are, whatever you do, take care, have fun and send us a postcard! xx

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