Look Around! It’s Solstice Time Again. What's The Best Thing About Winter?

Cosy Answers Only...

Three Cheers for the shortest day of the year! And three items that will help you enjoy it even more

First things’ first Pulp Chionophiles (AKA cold weather lovers).

Fun fact:  “Chionophiles are any organisms (animals, plants, fungi, etc.) that can thrive in cold winter conditions (the word is derived from the Greek word chion meaning "snow", and -phile meaning "lover"). These animals have specialized adaptations that help them survive the harshest winters.[1]

Thanks Wikipedia! Wiki is generally referring to arctic animals in mountainous polar regions, but when June rolls around in our Southern Hemisphere, we can relate! Am I right?! But our glass if half full of crushed ice (as opposed to half-empty. When life gives us snow, we make snow angels. 

So, follow us into the icey vibes and bring a carrot for the snow person. Counting down a trilogy of Pulp Winter warmers, starting now! You 

Numero Uno: 

Little Things Padding Handle Pen Pouch (also for spectacles!)

Maybe you like the feeling of a freezing pen in your mitts? Or putting ice-cold spectacles on your face? Mmm-Hmm. Or maybe that’s a no. Save those ultra chilly spectacle arms for that newly formed snow-person, shall we? These gorgeous cases are made from puffer material. These tiny lil sleeping-bags are made from Nylon in the colourways of lemon and lavender, and will keep your objects warm and toasty for when you next need to utilise a writing tool for an important lists, or pop on specs them on to see in bright light, low light, near or far.

Seeing as (hehe geddit?) puffer material was invented to prevent hypothermia , it’s logical that it will also retain heat for your goggies or your writing instruments! Warm temples and fingies thanks to this pouch! You’re welcome! 

Second in Line: 

Porter Ceramic Mug  

Keep that drink warm! But that’s just the basic beginning of this cups’ amazing efficiency and beauty. This ceramic mug wrapped in silicone keeps your hands safe from 350ml of scalding hot liquid, and  -for the two-coffee-a-day drinkers out there- can also save 600 single use cups a year! Yes, thank you! This superstar mug can be used safely in the microwave and dishwasher, and is BPA free. Keep your drink, thoughts and actions clean, warm and fuzzy. The environment says “Kudos!”

And the bronze medallion goes to: 

Kinto Aroma Oil Warmer.

Number  three in the list, but a favourite in our hearts.  This oil warmer can enlighten the spaces of your home: bathroom, kitchen, living room and hallway (!) with a snug and cosy ambience and beautiful olfactory dream experience (while you’re awake!) Lavender oil will help everyone in the household unwind, or lemon and orange oils will (apparrently) help to reduce germs in the air and uplift your spirits. Not to mention that the aroma is glorious. 

Dimensions for this little perfect and functional art object are: 78mm w x 70 d x 110 h (set). The stand is stainless steel and the glass cup is heat-resistant. The tea light candle will ensure the cosy-factor comes into play when the sun drops. As always, Kinto is designed in Japan. 

Best Thing About the Solstice? 

It’s not a competition, but we here at Pulp think about our Personal Best. Our Winter Solstice PB list is here to help you thrive (or survive!) on this shortest day of the year. xx

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