Imaginative, Smart and Hard-Working.

That’s Us! Three Pulp Faves That Hit the Right Spots.

Dear Pulp Friends, this trio of concomitant traits describes us perfectly, wouldn’t you say? A resounding yes! How we work, think, and play is something to be celebrated, so let’s take a still down the list and tick off the short but salient inventory of thingamajigs. Ready, set, go!

Sonny Angel 

Play make-believe with these oh-so-popular, cool, and unique little Kewpies. For your information, the Kewpie began as a comic book illustration in 1909! These comics became so popular that in the 1920s, dolls in the image were made out of porcelain called bisque! No, not the soup, but just as enticing. In 1949, hard plastic versions were created -and ta-dah -here we are!

Sonny Angel dolls are what you might call the OG Kewpie’s distant, cool and edgy cousin - twice removed. With 12 different figurines for each Sonny Angel series, you get a range of ‘dramatis personae’ to amuse yourself. But hold the phone! To make matters more exhilarating, you don’t know which ‘character’ you’ll get until you’ve unboxed the wee dolly sprite! It’s called “blind box packaging"- a cheeky game of roulette you play each time you choose. Get to your imagination stations right now! 

Blackwing Reporter Pads 

The origins of the reporter pad, anyone? Let’s open this can of worms! 

Note-taking is a fundamental aspect of journalism, so it should come as no surprise to find that the reporter pad was invented out of necessity! Once, reporters and the like used any old scrappy piece of paper, napkin, coaster, or back of an envelope to scribble their ideas and observations. And Black Wing Reporter Pads meet the demands of journalists, just like journalists meet the deadlines of their editors! They feature spiral binding for quick page-flipping and narrow-lined pages to maximise space.  

So, adjust your spectacles and lean closer to listen to important facts. Write them down! You can use them later to prove a point or state your case. These reporter pads are perfect for some hard-working thoughts put into action! Get smart, indeed!

HighTide Large Tarp Bag 

There’s nothing like a massive empty tarp bag to inspire hard physical work. Fill that baby up! Weeds, Toys, Shoes, Firewood—you name it, you can tarp it. Available in select colours of the oh-so-organised rainbow: blue, khaki, grey, ivory, and yellow—they are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing—like you!

Tarp—or Tarpaulin, as it is formally denominated—is a waterproof material. The word comes from tar and palling, a 17th-century name for sheets used to cover ship objects. It was developed for a wide range of uses, including waterproof clothing, pirate flags, the whims of Russian naval officers, and tents! 

This super-groovy 70-litre container is a rescue remedy for clutter while also allowing you to show off your muscles. That’s right, to flex! Industrious, tireless, and indefatigable! And when you’re done with it, sharpen your origami skills and fold it into a small square. Eep!   

Final Suspenseful Thoughts 

OK, Party People. We see your skills, talents, creative power, and energy and pay homage to them. Go forth and ideate, create and operate! xx

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