Boredom, Schmoredom!

Annihilate Apathy with Amazing Art! (That you Make Yourself)

Pulp Artistes! Have you ever typed the following into a search bar: “What was the first artwork ever in the history of the world? (Run-on sentence included! Hawhaw … )

Well, you can cross that chore off your to-do list ‘cos we’ve just done it for you! 

The answer, Dear Pulp Visionaries, is 45,500 years old and comes from Sulawesi, Indonesia—Leang Tedongnge cave, to be precise. Which just happens to be the oldest cave in Sulawesi. Beat that! 

Anyway, if you thought a lovely still-life watercolour of some fruit or flowers would be the appropriate way to kick off the entire culture and practice of artmaking, you’d be right. But this isn’t how it went down. 

Imagine a group of Sulawesi Warty Pigs, two of which are fighting. Now, you’re on the right track.

This commencement piece of art was made of red ochre pigment (nice pun!)  and is a rough trek (only accessible during the dry season, mind you) if one wants to visit for a squizz at this depiction of these brawling swine. 

Maybe someday you'll go there, when the travel bug hits just right …  but in the meantime, why not make your own art? Forget fighting hogs! If you’ve got two dogs/cats/kids you can capture a similar moment. On the other hand, choose something entirely more genteel as your subject matter. That’s the beauty of art - it’s up to you. Read on for some arty equipment that will help you along your way. 

Let’s start with: 

Kozo blank paper art cards

Literally a blank paper ‘canvas’ for you to do whatever you please with. Use pencils, ink, textas, or a holepuncher! Experiment, do what you like, see what happens! Acid-Free, 100% Mulberry paper (pure, lightweight and strong). Made in Japan! Doesn’t really get better than that! Comes in A6 and A7. 

Moving on to:  

Pepin Press Label and Sticker Books

Collage anyone? Stickers are the unsung heroes of artmaking. Lil sticky paper delights that can enhance any art project. These books come in nine variations, including (but not limited to) flora, fauna and historical maps! 32 sheets of high-quality uncoated sticker paper, 250 stickers and labels of various shapes and sizes and designs, 240mm by 170 mm. You do the math! 

And finally: 

Parrallel highlighters

Familiar with highlighter art? If not, check this out! It’s a thing. Whodathunkit?! Highlighter art is for both beginners and the advanced. Highlighters are also for the studious, the organised, the scribbler, the curious-minded and those who just love pretty translucent colours. Well, that list describes almost everybody, wouldn’t you say?  

These lil’ power pens of colour come in Lemon-lime, orange- pink and aqua-violet. Almost good enough to eat. But please don’t. Go get an ice cream instead. Much tastier. 

Tally ho! Now that we have advised on your supplies, materials, and instruments (whatever you want to call them), go forth confidently to make, construct, assemble and CREATE! xx

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