It’s The Czech Republic, 1926. You’re a Hairdresser. You live in a World of Hairnets, But All You Can Think About is Bags. What Next?

Simple. Make super chic bags out of hairnets and take the world by storm. 


The thing about this historical transition is that in the 1920s, shorter hairstyles became more popular, making hair nets redundant.  A hairnet salesman innovated and pivoted the idea from hair to bags, which became super popular due to their low price, lightweight and compactness. 

Also known as string bags, these beautiful bolsas are all that and more. Single-use plastics are slowly being phased out of general use, so it’s a no-brainer to stock up on reusable bags that tick all the boxes. Bags that:

Are easy to tote along in the bottom of your everyday bag

Are colourful, fun and easy to spot (in the bottom of your everyday bag)

Won’t break or stretch

Are easy to keep clean

Make a style statement

And most importantly

 …. Drumroll, please ….

Can sub in for a hairnet -STAT!- when needed.

OK, calm down people. Pulp can provide the goods. 

FILT is a French brand that makes your weekly humdrum shopping at Coles feel like you’re casually picking up a few things at the organic markets in the 3rd arrondissement.  True! These bags will make you wanna wear chic cat eye sunglasses 27/4, and only respond to people by dramatically lowering them to the tip of your nose, looking over them with a superior gaze. Either that or just get on with your day and be quietly pleased that you didn’t have to pay for a paper bag.    

The colours we have are Baby Pink, Jean Blue, Charcoal and a Black/Ecru combo (my fave).

If you are tired of just talking about how these string bags are made and wanna make your own bag from scratch and are fresh out of hairnets, you could use twine. For realsies. And, yes, we have the twine if you have the skills. Jute, Macrame (in black, brown, navy and mustard) and Paper Raffia (in red, light green, dark green, navy and natural). 

Takeaway thoughts? Yup, it is definitely String Net Bag Season, and you’ll never look at your local hairnet salesman the same way again…

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