Earth Dumpling Energy! Time to think about Spring and Seed Bombs.

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Are you familiar with seed bombs? As you may have noticed, we like to discuss the history of things at Pulp. And seed bombs are a real doozy. Lazy gardeners, read on. 

Masanobu Fukuoka was a  Japanese microbiologist and farmer. Somewhat of a philosopher, too. He celebrated natural farming and revegetation of desert lands and came up with the idea of ‘Do Nothing’ farming in his book ‘One Straw Revolution’. A kind of Zen Farming tome, the book “critiques almost every aspect of food, bodies, and culture in a witty and effortless way”.  He points out why modern farming lacks spiritual awareness: a sad comment on how humans interact with the land…

Fukuoka suggests considering the opposite of intensive regeneration and systematic farming regimes. He questions whether doing nothing could lead to equal or better outcomes. So interesting!  In the process of this hypothesis, seed balls (seeds incorporated in clay earth balls) or what he called “Earth Dumplings” are brought into the conversation. 

While he didn’t invent them - they were already part of ancient gardening practices -he did re-invent/re-introduce the concept. He advanced the use of them as a way to reproduce vegetables and other crops in a wild and natural way. Big ideas sculpted into little dumpling balls of clay. What a guy.

If you wanna be part of this super cool solution to the pitfalls of modern agriculture practices, you can, with Hello Seedling Seed Bombs. Choose from four varieties: Blooming Wildflower, Butterfly Attraction, Feast for Bees Wildflower and Hello Daisy Meadow. 


So, take a life-changing leaf out of Fukuoka’s gardening book: ‘Do Nothing, No Thought.’ This Zen practice can lead to your garden, planter box, patio, or any available green patch really (!) humming with bees, butterflies and flowers—a fresh, fragrant, colour wonderland. ‘Lazy’ just took on a whole new meaning - aye - it might even just save the world as we know it.


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