PENCO is Good For The Office, Holidays, and Home. Discuss.

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There  is generally a stigma attached to office work. Tedious, spiritually painful, long hours, and sometimes a long commute to a place you don’t even want to be. The 90s cult movie ‘Office Space’ encapsulates this malaise perfectly -and with humour - which is probably the only way to look at the absurdity of some office jobs.  

Penco turns this idea of boring office supplies on its head and even makes you  - well, me anyway - want to get down and do some serious admin. The products really are that beautiful. Their remit is “casual office supplies”, an array of very cool tools and stationery. We can say so many good things about Penco, but here is the link to purchase what Pulp offers from this fantastic brand. 

Let’s break it down a little bit:

Scissors - large and small- coming in navy, green, red and ivory colourways are equally beautiful to behold as they are to handle. They feature high-grade stainless steel blades and cut through paper flawlessly. Please note that large scissors come in red only. 

Brush Writer and High Writer pens are delicious to write or draw with. 

The Penco Tape Measure is only the most aesthetically pleasing tape measure you’ll ever own. 

The handiness of Post-it notes is undeniable, but the Penco Sticky Memo pads take it to the next level, with both vertical and horizontal layouts for any way you need to conceptualise your ideas. Their Notebooks, Old School calendars and Monthly planners will also make planning and writing a pleasure. 

The Mother brand of Penco, Hightide, provides beautiful pen cases, soft pouches, hard shell cases for computers, writing and drawing tools and knick-knacks, which we also sell online and in-store. 

Yes, Bestie, the point is that Penco makes work fun, to be sure. But as the Stanley Kubrick saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Don’t worry. We see you and can offer the most efficient, practical and cute packing accessories. Penco’s sibling band Nahe provides the most aesthetically pleasing packing cells I've ever seen in my life. Exaggeration warranted! Nahe packing cells, which come in beige, black, blue, green, red and yellow, will help you organise and colour-code your holiday wardrobe. 

Into the bargain, Penco’s large and medium Carry Tites are both useful and beautiful. The colours for these babies are black, grey, khaki, yellow, orange, light, blue, white, red, blue and green. These technicolour dream bags are resistant to dirt and water, so you can nonchalantly whitewater raft in Zimbabwe (for example) and blog about it simultaneously (i.e. the large carry can hold your laptop!)

OK, so when you return from the vacay, you’ll undoubtedly have a load of washing or two to attend to. We can help with that also! HighTide has tarp bags in small (16L), medium (35L) and large (70L). For your darling potplants, your garden accessories, and, yes, your holiday washing. These bags also come in all the good colours, making coming back to reality less tiring and more inspiring. 

Closing remark: Penco, Hightide, and Nahe are a Triumvirate of brands that can help you have “happy encounters” with products and everyday life tasks, as well as watersports in the Zambesi River …. Ten outta ten.

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