Ask, And You Shall Receive.

But What’s the Question? And Are You Ready For The Answer? 

There are so many Q and As. The ones we think about at Pulp HQ are mainly stationery-oriented. For example, how many fountain pens does a person need? It begs more questions:  are they cute fountain pens? Do you need a fountain pen to do calligraphy? How many people need fountain pens in the house? What important missive needs to be scribed? Can you tell we’ve been reading too many Regency-era novels

Let’s begin with some tips for healthy and happy question-answer sessions: 

  • Be a good listener. 
  • Don't be afraid of your questions. 
  • Do your research. 
  • Go where the conversation takes you.
  • Use silence to your advantage.
  • Ask probing questions. 
  • Keep your questions short. 

OK, now that you know how to run your Q&A session, what do you need? And can we help you? I think we can! So sharpen your pencils and your focus, and get ready to cross some Ts and dot some question marks.  


School of Life 100 Questions 

What a great place to start!

You’ll need a notebook to remember all your questions and, of course, record the answers—a Decomposition Notebook, to be particularly precise. Think, rethink, muse and amuse with these questions about life. You will thank yourself for having gone through the process. Figure out the meaning of all the archetypes in your life one by one - including yourself!- and the role, meaning and purpose they all serve. Gather some mates, pass around some bevvies and celebrate the vivacity of life. 

Kaweco Fountain Pens

What’s the weather like?

When is dinner ready? 

Are we there yet?

Can I have some more?

Make even the most banal of questions appear regal and important with some cursive writing, artistically drawn up with a fountain pen. Try it, we dare you. Start with your grocery list: bananas, potatoes and rice look like a 1795-era Michelin-starred feast when written down on parchment in ink with the Zaner-Bloser script. Hmm, yes, it’s a toss-up between that and Barchewsky Fluent handwriting. We are spoiled for cursive choice, My Lords and Ladies. 

Cavallini and Co Periodic Chart

It’s a given that science is all about questions. If you’re asking “Why would I need a periodic table of the elements?” you're already halfway there. Let this super aesthetic periodic chart give you some exquisite and accurate answers. FYI, Scientists use the periodic table to quickly refer to information about an element, like atomic mass or chemical symbols. 

The periodic table's arrangement (i.e., the way it’s all set out in front of your eyeballs) also allows scientists to determine trends in element properties, including electronegativity, ionisation energy, and atomic radius. 

Phew, that was a bit of a mouthful! The bottom line is that this poster is a chart of answers - without ever having even to ask a question out loud. How cool is that!? (Answer: very cool).

Rejoinder Time. 

The takeaway here is to listen, fear not, be brief and take time to explore the subject matter of your inquiries. Use the right tools, attitude and mindset, and guess what? Next time someone asks you if you think you’ve got all the answers, you can say “YES”. xx

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