Double Happiness or Double Trouble?

Yin’n’ Yang, Black’n’White, Xmas ’n’ Birthday. Sometimes Things Just Go Together, And We Don’t Even Know Why. 

Bafflement! The dilemma of having to get two gifts for the same person on roughly the same day. And by the way, you also have all your family and friends' gifts.

It has long been established that there are always so many birthdays around Christmastime. Lucky for some! The unique Christmas kids get double the fun. But when your brain is fried from end-of-year fatigue, all you want is for someone to come along and tell you what to do … 

Well, you’re in luck, my little Pulpkins. The following are a few excellent twin-gift deals, so you don’t have to stress your beautiful brain to decide what to do. To further aid the cause, we’ve stereotyped some Birthmasday characters in a whimsical 5-step list. 

Two Gifts, One Individual. Follow On! 

For The One Who Is Always In And Around Water 

Let’s face it! Aussie December babies are water babies. The House of Nunu Checked Towels in red, navy, and honey colourways are gorgeous additions to the Summer months. Fling it in a Parisian Cool Bag (yellow, pink, orange or blue), your Birthmasday recipient will be the coolest human on the block, in more ways than one. 

For The One Who Loves Plant Life

Nothing is better than getting your hands dirty, planting seeds, misting ferns, etcetera! Gentlemen’s Hardware Plant Mister and Gardener’s Handcare Kit allows you to do everything all at once. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea. Pop into the shop to scoop these essential pressies for your precious poppet!

For The One Who Documents Their Whole Life 

Collage, actual photographs, stickers, notebooks, journals and beautiful handwriting. These are the building blocks of someone who embraces analogue documentation. Enable their love language for themselves with a Semikolon photo album, where they can collate and collage to their heart's content. Help them embellish things with a collection of photo corners, gel pens, and perhaps a notebook. We know there are more than two gifts in this scenario, but sometimes the concept requires the whole shebang!  

For The One Who Identifies As a Homebody 

Think of bodies at home. You know it. They don’t see the need to go out for a coffee when there’s a perfectly awesome filter in the kitchen and an excellent Latte Cup (Thanks, Robert Gordon!) We tend to agree. Make your introvert’s day that much more special with an accompanying candle. Library Candles are particularly good at creating a cosy feeling … Just sayin’!

For The Oh-So Crafty One

No matter their birthday, every crafter needs an exceptional pair of scissors. Penco can provide. A Pulp Off-Cuts Kit, washi tape, origami, and beautiful stickers can provide all the crafter's needs for hours. Seriously? We’re so serious that our spectacles are wearing spectacles. 

Last Word: As Lovely As A Poem.  

It’s all good to have a double gifting situation. Don’t mention it! 

The gifting season is always a bit of an uphill haul, but it needn’t be a hike. Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘Dorothy Wordsworth’s Christmas Birthday Poem’ provides an excellent place to start appreciating the beauty of the double celebration season.

Duffy is a renowned poet whose Christmas poems - in particular-  spark imagination and joy. This ditty is an ode to Dorothy Wordsworth, an English Author, poet and diarist (and sister to the Mega-Famous Romantic poet William Wordsworth!) whose Birthday fell on the same day as Christmas … so the double happiness kids are in good company! 

All in all? It’s beginning to look a lot like Birthmas! 

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