Eleventh-Hour Energy: Plan a Last-Minute Trip Before the Holidays Self-Destruct.

This Is Not a Drill. Your Mission is to Squeeze Out the Last Funsies of Summer!


People of Pulp, you’re in luck. We have the kit to help make your holiday things happen. Just in the nick of time! 

While the stone fruits are plentiful in the markets, the smell of coconut oil permeates the air, and all your long-sleeved clothing is still in storage, it’s time to hot-foot it for a ‘lil late Summer getaway.

For those of us who are into listing everything so nothing gets lost, becomes confusing, or just like to be organised, here are the goods: 


  • Nahe packing cells. Insanely useful and tardis-like. They are akin to a bite-sized overnight carry-all for swimmers, undies, socks, you-name-it. When toted they look like a little soft suitcase, which makes you feel like you're wending your way to a fancy co-working space designed by Claes Oldenburg (Iykyk). 
  • Penco bucket pouch. Penco strikes again with aesthetic satisfaction, simplicity and -of course- colour. Pop in your dental hygiene swag (brush, paste, floss etc), bobby pins (we just wanted to type ‘bobby pins’), hair elastics, nose/nail/eyebrow clippers! Let them all be in the same beautiful place.
  • Hightide Tarp bag. Back of the car. All the wetsuits. All the wet towels. You know there’s always more than you think there’s gonna be. Get the whole kaboodle into these vividly-coloured tarp bags. Be the envy of all the local groms. 
  • 2024 is about to sweep you off your feet, so don’t dilly-dally. We don’t make up the rules, we just follow them (mostly), and the rule here right now is to do your darndest to fit that mini-break into your all-out schedule. 

  • It’s Indiana Jones hat-grab-door-slide vibes. Where you are Indy, and your hat is the holiday. I salute you, Pulp Heroes, action-adventure time is now! xx

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