When Eggs and Chocolate Collide. Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Rabbits and Chicks too.

There is a sensible reason for all this symbolism of fertility. The Pagans celebrated Easter as the onset of the Spring Equinox (obviously in the Northern hemisphere), while Christians rejoiced in the resurrection of Christ. In both cases, rebirth is the name of the game, especially after a long Winter and hibernation period. Some astrologers claim it is the perfect time to experiment with creativity, where you will naturally feel pulled towards trying new projects. 

Even though this doesn’t precisely align with our Australian Autumn, the sentiment still rings true. It is still a perfect time for us to reflect, be grateful and feel the inspiration that the change in season (and cooler weather!) will bring. 

Being cosy at home while crafting, decorating and writing is something to look forward to after a long Summer spent outdoors. Pulp has a variety of activities and materials to keep everyone occupied with a smile. Benconservato Easter Beasties are fun and whimsical. Designed by artist Emma Kidd, these kooky paper characters can be painted, pinned and personalised by you, then hung as a mobile or tacked onto a wall.

For more general craft play, a Pulp Cut-Offs Kit is an excellent choice for anyone who loves creating paper art. Use it to experiment with origami, add to mood boards or scrapbooks, wrap Easter gifts (with ribbon, too, of course), or make a card from scratch for family or friends by collaging the offcuts on a scored blank card

Seed paper, beautifully textured, encapsulates the concept of fertility around Easter charmingly and cleverly. Seeds are encased in paper, and you can write, draw, stamp on and fold it, just as you would regular paper. Once it’s served the intended purpose, sent its message and delighted its recipient, the paper can be planted, and the seeds will grow, creating even more joy. Choose from chamomile, thyme, swan river daisy or lemon-scented bottle brush. 

There’s also the option of making your home more festive with hanging eggs and paper honeycombs, an easy and colourful way to decorate

And for those taking time out for a road trip, packing games is always a good idea…

We at Pulp wish you a peaceful and fun break, with lots of hunting, finding and eating chocolate eggs: enough to last you until next year.  

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