Rediscovering a love for letter writing with Pulp.

envelopes letter sets scored cards writing

Do you remember when sending a text was a rare -but exciting- option for communicating with friends and family?

If not, just imagine having to plan meetings in advance, requiring a plastic card to phone your bestie overseas (no video, fyi), waiting for someone at Town Hall steps (hint: they might not even turn up), and being unable to instantly inform people you hardly know what you just ate for breakfast…No live mukbangs… what?!  

Well, this all sounds grim. But let me assure you; there were definitely pros to the analogue way of life. And the best thing is that with Pulp’s vast range of paper supplies, you can literally time travel and communicate with loved ones -the old fashoned way- through the beauty of the handwritten word. 

For example, use blank scored cards to draw, paint or collage a beautifully unique personal note. Using seed paper adds another dimension where the recipient can grow their own flowers or herbs once the message is read. 

Letter sets imbue a sense of romance for both writer and recipient that texting or emailing can’t achieve. Or what about a combo of a letter and envelope? Inspired by origami, the brand Pigeon allows this and comes in 14 bright and cheerful patterns. 

The tactility of robust, beautifully smooth (or textured) paper, with a heartfelt penned message in handwriting creates a forever keepsake. A piece of someone’s heart. The whole process is a practice in soul connection: choosing the paper, setting quiet time aside for concentrated communication, organising your thoughts and making meaning in a message. Putting pen to paper may not be an automatic thought as it used to be, but perhaps that’s what makes it even more important and soulful. 

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