Take The Plunge, Get Spliced, Tie The Knot!

 3 Ways To Say ‘YES’ With Pulp! 

Getting down on one knee is the easy part. Finding, designing and prepping all the right paraphernalia accompanying an engagement can be downright difficult! No woes, Pulp Proposers - we’ve got you!

Getting the setting right is part of the plan. Red roses are the global flower of love—love, passion, romance, and devotion, to be precise! They emerged as a simple and proud way to say, ‘I love you!' in the 19th Century (the Victorian Era), “at a time when the verbal expression of such sentiments was deemed socially inappropriate”.  If you’re fresh out of roses, orchids, or any other traditional flower that symbolises love, engagement and commitment, how about number one off our list of ‘Yes’ items:   

Paper blossoms! The art of flower-making originated in China, where it was used to decorate objects such as lanterns and figurines. Later, the technique spread to Japan, where paper flowers were used in religious ceremonies.  Now, these gorgeous ‘Lil’ paper flowerets can be used to set the scene for your beloved betrothee! 

Next up is …

Ribbon rolls! Not just here for the metaphor; literally tie knots with these ribbons, or actually, make bows - for gifts, hair, seating, and tablescaping. The history of ribbon dates back to the Middle Ages, when the invention of the horizontal loom “allowed for the creation of more complex woven textiles”. Let the ribbon trend extend to your ceremony. I do take thee, wrapped up in a bow or three. 

And of course …

Place Cards and Envelopes. Tell all the people where to sit! Put your Maid of Honour next to your Great Auntie Constance. Watch the conversation unfurl between your boss and your soon-to-be brother-in-law when you assign them as table buddies. Practice cursive writing, and add ribbons and paper blossoms to the settings! Let the writing, folding and choosing be a therapeutic practice - fending off any bride or groom anxiety, nerves or jitters. Just know that the historical use of place cards was for game playing! Think of these origins and be inspired to shuffle friends and family into interesting combos. The Game of Life, anyone? 

We Do!   

We get it. Planning a bigger-and-brighter-than-usual get-together to celebrate the endless love for your partner is quite demanding. It’s not a task you would typically associate with being fun, but just like diving off the deep end at the local swim centre - adrenaline takes over, and the thin line that separates anxiety from excitement dissolves into full-blown feverish exhilaration for the activity!  

 So, heed our helpful hand in getting ready and bustle into your Big Day blueprints. Nothing would make us happier! xx


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