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The honeymoon isn’t over, Pulp Darlings. In point of fact, it’s only just begun. Grab your nearest and dearest and lookie-see here for cosy, cute ‘n’ calm objects for your creative, collaborative coupling!

Mm-hmm that sounds like an introduction to the history of honeymoons if you ask us! 

The irony is that the honeymoon didn’t begin as a relaxing post-wedding holiday for the newly hitched couple. No! The custom began in Britain in the 19th Century, when newlyweds dutifully travelled across the country to visit family members who couldn't attend the actual ceremony.  Talk about a high-maintenance brood!

But where did the delicious-sounding name for this post-ceremony event come from? Legend has it that back in the day, newlywed couples drank a beverage called ‘mead’, a honey-based alcohol, after their first ‘moon’ (i.e. month) together. It was said that the drink could help the new couple start a family sooner rather than later. Whoa there, Nelly, let’s slow things down a bit, shall we?

So, what would come in handy for all that travel to see the in-laws?

An Ostrichpillow neckwrap, that’s what. A soothing neck comforter consisting of clay beads encased in beautifully soft polycotton that sits perfectly around your nape. One for each of you, so everyone is happy. Magically turn a long-haul flight to see the In-Laws into a luxurious spa-like experience. 


While you’re at it, slip on a matching ‘yours and theirs’ accessory: try Memeri socks to keep your tootsies toasty while you're travelling or to warm your foot fingers a little once you’ve reached your destination.  Silk or linen ribbed and in a lovely array of colours - blue, mustard, grey, red and sage - these Japanese socks are definitively luxurious. A cool, low-key way to show the world that you’re betrothed star twin souls!  


Lastly, let us present Wooden Letters! Featuring your initials! Simple, single plywood letters, 9 x 12cm - 0.5cm thick. Whether you’ve changed, hyphenated, or kept your OG surname, procuring some alphabetical characters to showcase your identity is charmingly agreeable. Stick ‘em on the back of the wedding vehicle next to the strings-tied cans as you drive towards your honeymoon vacay. Make no mistake about who's married in this scenario! 

Last Moon?

Be the ‘Goals’ couple with these select items. Bond and connect without the distractions of everyday life. Create memories that will last a lifetime, long after the Honeymoon is over! xx

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