Write Daily, Sprout Daily: The Beauty of Seed Paper.

A4 A5 A6 cards confetti flowers hearts notes seed paper swing tag

Imagine submerging your used computer in soil. Along with all the notes, memos and E-vites that you’ve sent and received through it. Yeah, the same computer that cost you three grand and is now obsolete after only a few years. So you dig a hole, place the laptop in the hole, then cover and water. Wait 3 weeks, and guess what you’ll get? Yep, a whole lotta nuthin’. Actually, worse than nothing: E-waste is pretty toxic!

BUT, what if you had used notes, cards, old messages, and wedding invitations that could be planted and sprout a beautiful garden filled with thyme, chamomile, bush daisies, forget-me-not and bottle brush? It’s possible! 

Plantable paper has been a practice for papermakers since 1941 and has since been a niche area for certain companies that want to contribute to environmental sustainability. Paper–Go-Round was born in 1985 and came into stride in the 90s and 2000s, when the market called for a more conceptual way to use paper - a holistic experience from beginning to end. Back then plantable paper seemed gimmicky and ‘cute’ - probably because knowledge of critical environmental issues was not as accepted and mainstream as it is now. 

The marketing around sustainability has come leaps and bounds since then and we are now fully aware that every little bit helps.

Paper-Go-Round’s seed paper comes in A4, A5, A6 (and we can score these for you to make cards), swing tags, two sizes of heart-shaped and flower-shaped confetti. The latter is such a gorgeous sentiment for weddings or birthdays too. 

The takeaway point is not to bury your laptop - as much as you’d probably like to sometimes- especially when the Excel spreadsheet angst hits.

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