Decomposition Has Never Looked So Beautiful. And FYI, Incense Smells Good.

notebook notebooks

OK, here’s a question you might have been too scared to ask: What is post-consumer paper? And why does it matter?

Think of it this way: all the paper you put into your recycling bin - the empty toilet rolls, the junk mail, the enthusiastically torn wrapping paper from a birthday present, the thank you post-it note you got from your Depop purchase- they all go in the recycling bin, right? The clever paper recyclers then process these bits and bobs and magically turn them into helpful paper products, like the Decomposition Notebook.  

This matters for a few reasons: if there were no paper recycling, the world would be drowning under a pile of paper that would otherwise take too long to decompose. Also, it saves the world’s paper people (people who make paper, not people made from paper!) from having to chop trees down to manufacture things we need and/or enjoy using: like notebooks!

The Decomposition Notebook series comes in a range of cool, funny and delightful covers, including mouth-watering images of pizza slices (inviting you to use them for jotting recipes down), a hummingbird print, (perhaps a place where bird watchers can note their sightings), and a dinosaur print (for all the paleontologists in the house). Just to name a few. Click along to see the full range of cheerful covers

On another unrelated note, we just got some pretty rad incense and beautiful holders in the shop from Japan: Nez Reflet: a new company based in Kyoto with a quizzical but pleasing name. Maybe not so unrelated if you wanna burn incense while journaling. Good idea actually. You heard it here first. 

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