Recreate VIVID in your Home! Well, Kinda.

LEDs miffy night light solar lamp

Have you been to VIVID Sydney? The annual light show celebrates the cooler change of season and is a super duper-doozy fun time for kids and adults: basically all the people in the land. It’s a large-scale walk-through art event: strangely a perfect way to spend a cold Winter’s night…

But, if all you wanna do on a cold Winter’s night is curl up on the sofa with a book/device/snacks/pet/all of the above, then that’s OK too. We’ve got you covered. 

Let’s begin with Snuffy (A cute lil Puppy), Boris (a friendly bear) and Miffy (no intro needed, but of course, we know she’s a bunny). These guys can make your bedroom super cosy and keep your little one (or you!) company when all the other lights are off for the night. 

On to the Little Sun Diamond Solar Lamp: an extremely clever little machine of bright light that charges via the sun’s rays all day long to spotlight whatever you want when the sun goes down. You can also use it around your neck as a guiding light necklace, for times when you might need to go into the back garden at night to pry the slugs off your lettuces. Random example, I know, but it just occurred to me it would be perfect for that (guffaw).

If string lighting is more your thing, how about the copper LEDs that are perfect for either indoors or outdoors? Coming in 20 or 50, you can stretch them out along your patio, your bedhead, kitchen cupboards, or living space. Move them to your Christmas tree in December, and Bob’s Your Uncle!  

Finally, the SOS Night Dream Reading Lamp  - which you can clip to a book, or connect via USB to your computer - is a classically-shaped itty bitty light for all your reading needs. 

So if travelling to VIVID on a chilly Winter’s night seems like it should go in the ‘Too Hard Basket’, stay home, keep warm and get the lighting right with any or all of these beautiful illumination pieces. 

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