The Question Living Rent-Free in Everyone’s Mind: “What is the Most Popular Greeting Card?”

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I’m here to open the gates and set you free from this dizzying existential burden.


Let’s line up the usual suspects: Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Engagement, Wedding. Thank You. All are worthy candidates. But how did it all begin?

Before diving into this deep pool of inquiry, rest assured that our greeting cards here at Pulp will cover you for every season, reason, person, and animal. 

Now, relax and reflect on two ancient civilisations: China and Egypt. The Chinese wanted to send goodwill to their family and friends on the arrival of the Lunar New Year. Legend has it that greetings were sent to ward off a mythical beast who they imagined would attack and kill villagers. Scripted messages on cards were distributed at the beginning of each New Year to wish the surviving population better fortunes in the year to follow.  Since it’s such a prosperous time of year, they could have done with the sow’n’send cards we stock here at the shop. Beautiful cards that become even more beautiful when planted and sprouted. Also perfect for the impending Aussie Spring!

The Egyptians used papyrus - thick paper made from fibre from the plant of the same name -  to send letters to each other. And get this. There’s a permanent exhibition of Ancient Egyptian love letters and poetry at the MET Gallery in New York called Romance Along the Nile. Talk about long-lost love. These days they might wanna get some Bespoke Letterpress cards for their romantic messages … And maybe keep it to a once-a-year Valentine’s Day type vibe.

OK, love is timeless, but did anyone stop to think about how prevalent birthdays are? Don’t even get me started on The Birthday Problem, i.e., the probability that at least two will share a birthday in a set of randomly chosen people. In a world where the population is 8.1 billion humans and literally counting.  *Slo-Mo Turn*… Yes, people, that’s a great quantity of birthday cards. Can you imagine if everyone simply made their birthday person a card? Using blank A6 Scored Bi-fold Cards? That would be cool. 

Christmas comes only once a year (maybe twice if you do Christmas in July), but how many people do you know that you want to say hi to in December? Aunties, Uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces. The list goes on. They all deserve a thoughtful card for the holiday, like our ‘Earth Greetings’ boxed cards. There’s simply nothing like a Joyful Waratah boxset of cards!  The To-The -Trees cards are perfect for the Australiana Christmas. For home or for sending to loved ones overseas.  

And of course, Weddings (almost always) follow Engagements, and card giving at both these moments is a lovely way to celebrate a couple. Come say hi in-store, and find the perfect one for your bestie couple buddies. In fact, while you're; here, pick up a bunch of cards for all occasions with this sweet 6-for-the-price-of-5 deal we have currently going on. 

To make a short story even shorter, we have literally whatever you want in cards: quirky, beautiful, funny, pretty, silly, smart, serious, colourful, monochromatic, cards in box sets, cards sold individually. Literally for any occasion. Our range of cards is unmatched! It is like a mixed lolly bag of greeting cards: so many to choose from, a visual delight, and you want them all. 

And the answer to your question in the title: The Most Popular Greeting Card is the one you choose. Corny, but true. Now be my guest; go choose one. And remind me to send you a Thank You card for doing so!

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