Blend In By Standing Out: Drinkware That Will Add a Little Zazz to Your Daily Liquid Consumption.

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Yeah, you read me right: Zazz. With three Z’s. Is it even an Oxford English Dictionary-sanctioned word? Who knows!? Not me, but it just about does a full vibe check for these colourful cups we have for you here at Pulp. Think of them as ‘drip’ (aka cool fashion) for your kitchen. If you don’t know what I mean, GYAT !! (ahem, get your act together). Apologies for the overwhelming Gen Z lexicon; I was having a moment.

The earliest known drinking vessels date back to the Upper Paleolithic age (50,000 years ago), known for  the emergence of more sophisticated tools and the invention of latte art (Hehe, kidding! Just checking that you’re paying attention!) Back then, Homo sapiens had just figured out how to mould hand-held cups from clay that they had dug from the earth and hardened by heat from fire. Subsequently, years later, in the Bronze Age (3300-1200 BCE), when metal techniques entered the picture, bronze and gold cups ‘n’ goblets were all the rage. I mean, gold looks cool and shiny, but really!? They took ‘Zazz’ a little too seriously back then, methinks. 

Of course, a goblet is incredibly satisfying (and regal) to swill from, but nowadays, cup technology is more advanced, and there’s no need for anyone to toil in front of a blazing furnace or learn ancient metalworking techniques just to shape a chalice for your daily Yerba mate.    

Nope, now it’s easy as! Come see us for this Robert Gordon x Claire Ritchie drinkwareIt's bright and happy - just like you’ll be after your morning batch brew. Brain on, sleeves rolled up, you’ll be firing on all cylinders.  It comes in cups with handles and latte mugs in two designs:  ‘Up Closeand Rest and Relax’. These babies are suitable for cold, hot, iced, and spiced: all the kinds of drinks you can make at home or take on your expedition for a takeaway at the local cafe. 

If you’re into a more colour-blocking vibe, then Angus and Celeste pigment latte cups are just the thing. The colours we have in stock are ash (muted grey), forest (dark green), cobalt (the best blue!), snow (white) and turmeric (milky yellow). 

Truly, our entire range of drinkware is vast and beautiful. Kinto, Chino (dotty), Speckled and Ritual mugs and cups are unique and beautiful to hold and sip from. Zazz, my word!

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