The Autumnal Equinox is Coming. Eggsellent!

(Cue Easy Breezy Craftmaking Activities).

Try As We Might, We Can’t Stop the Sun From Moving Across the Celestial Equator.

But we *can* surrender to the universe and ride the wave of seasonal transition! Fun times! 

Pulp devotees, “What’s the deal?” I hear you wonder. The deal is that there are two moments in the year when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length, marking the beginning of Autumn - finally!

This little celestial choreography is a cog in the wheel of the universe, facilitating the turning of time, space and life in general. She’ll be right!

But what can we mere mortals do while the cosmos shimmies and shakes to facilitate life on Earth?! 

We’ll give you a few options, and you can consider them as the Universal Powers-That-Be do their thing. 

  • Easter decorations! It’s always fun to play around with an Easter card-making kit. Kidults, take note. You know you’re the creative type when you’re helping your bestie kidlet with the card-making, and you feel that special sparkle inside that makes you wanna make ten more cards, handcraft a bunch of envelopes, seal them with wax, handwrite addresses with a calligraphy pen and disco bop your way down to the local post office. Am I wrong? If all that feels like too much of a commitment, Easter Beasties and hanging eggs are also good ideas.  
  • Egg cups are a low-key essential item for everyday breakfast. Let's just put that out there. But they are also a fantastic way to hold your eggs in place to paint. For example, are you considering creating an army of  Fabergé Eggs to hide, find, and exhibit?? The humble wooden egg cup is a stalwart object, and it is at your service to help smooth the way towards egg decoration dominance. You heard it here first! 

  • Or perhaps your vibe is more attuned to align with the seasonal transition with an analogue aesthetic. Season Paper Notepads are just the thing. The vibes are vibing, and so is the inspiration. Your phone is dead, but the ideas are not! Wait up, there’s a pen at the bottom of your tote. Your brain won’t wait. All you need is a notepad. Pulp to the rescue! Choose from four gorgeous pattern pad options from Season Paper: Frou Frou, Somewhere, Bliss and Heure D'été. Entrap that magical idea floating through your brain space with style! 

That’s How We Do It.

That’s how we navigate the shifting energies of the universe as a well-ordered whole. That’s how we align our own universe! The planets align, and so do we, with the most beautiful, practical and functional stationery. And you can, too!

Happy to help! xx

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