Confession: Art and Craft Is Our Entire Personality.

5 Products That Prove It! Bam! 💥 

Are you Ready for it, Pulp Craftspeople? I hope so because this list ain’t gonna wait for nobody! (Or ‘Isn’t going to wait for anybody’ if you insist upon correct grammar).


Scissors (Penco, obviously)

The Egyptians were onto something when they invented two bronze blades to squeeze together and open up again, aka, the ‘spring-scissor’. Conveniently cutting papyrus, and any other ancient crafting materials you can think of, this natty little 4000-year-old (1500 BCE) invention has obviously taken the world by storm and now we can’t even think of the world without it. 

Side note: Leonardo Da Vinci, who invented a bunch of cool modern stuff - like the umbrella, the parachute and diving suits (!) improved the pivot action of scissors. Thanks Leo! 

Anywho! Penco’s aesthetically pleasing large and small high-grade stainless steel scissors would make both the Egyptians and Leo proud. Click on (the links) or pop in  (to the shop) to own a piece of exquisite history today! 


Clips: Brass, Gold, Midori, Oh My!

Clips. You need them. You may not think you do, but of course you do! Hold your cotton khadi paper in place for your watercolours. Collect and clip your stamps in one pleasing pile. Solidify your pile of magazine cut outs for your next collage project. Clamp together your important documents (Receipts! Bank statements! Magna Carta!) Make all these things shine bright like a diamond with an array of clips that exude beautifulness! 


Glue - Coccoina. So sticky, so aesthetic. Fact: glue doesnt get prettier than this. We dare you to defy us. Coccoina was first manufactured in Europe in 1927. Somehow they made potato starch, water and glycerine smell like marzipan (magical in and of itself) and the packaging: chef’s kiss! Prove me wrong, besties. This glue is for everyone. And everyone is for this glue! 


Tape and dispenser. Namely, washi and classiky. If tape is bread, then a tape dispenser is butter. It’s no secret that tape and dispensers go together like “rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong”. Who wants to rip tape from its roll with their teeth? No-one, that’s who. Make creating easeful and beautiful. Like a choreography of crafting. 


Finally (for this little list anyway), we have correction tape. Cream Tape to be precise. Mistakes begone! Better yet, deliberately mistakes just so you can run over them with this phenomenally satisfying tool. Just like whiteout, but without the pesky brush and glug factor. Instead, go over wrongly-written sentences, wonky line drawings, or numbers that don’t actually add up with one smooth glide of this correction implement. Then never look back. Or do. Cos it feels so good to see how you fixed the thing that needed to be fixed. Am I right!?

Bam, Indeed! 

The Personality Confession is complete. We’ve proved our point, and even left room for character growth. Like stretchy pants that lengthen as we develop. Except the pants are craft materials and the legs are our artistry. Giddyup!  

We salute the tools and objects that make us who we are! Over and out! xx

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