A Pinch And A Punch. It’s The First Of The Month!

calendar MiGoals origami stapler

But Keep Your Hands On The Stationery, Please! 

Pulp Playfellows! Time is marching on. Get it? March. Marching?! And by the way, we are right behind the marching band. Heck, we ARE the band! But our instruments are stationery materials, and our stomping ground is Sydney Road. Take this shako, pop it on your head and mash it up! In the spirit of the pinch-punch game, let’s go!

PINCH some paper between your fingers. 

What else would we be talking about but origami ?!

Harness your inner paper wrangler. Imagine you are the foremost authority on advanced origami and prepping for a sold-out exhibition at MoMA. It’s not that far to go with that private jet of yours. Oh, the artistry! 

PUNCH out some documents!

Make your official papers, certificates, legal agreements and important reports as pretty as a picture - and fun. Do we need to spell it out? We think you know what we’re talking about. Stapling with aesthetic staplers! Get one of these in your clutches, and stapling will never be the same again! Monotony? More like Magnificence. 

Count every MONTH.

Oh, my days! No, it’s not too late. We, for one, can still remember the feeling of that post-Christmas lunch glucose spike - and there are still nine months of the calendar year left (if we’re going with the Gregorian interpretation!) So what we’re trying to say in so many words is that procuring your calendar in March is no biggie. 

Do you want to ensure all 273 days are correct and accounted for? A MiGoals desk calendar will do the trick. And if you’re an amateur (or professional) magician, you can count and schedule all your tricks in it. Just saying. It will also help record school events, work meetings, birthdays, and bills. Lots of things on the agenda, but honestly, who's counting? YUP, we are. 

Need we remark more? March, footslog, stride or troop into the shop to gander at these offerings. Slide, glide, slip, or slither into our DMs to request a requisition. Click, clack, snap or pop into the online shop to order. 

A world of pulchritudinous products is awaiting. Pinch us, we’re dreaming! xx

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