Puffer Jackets for Pencils. Don’t Laugh, It’s a Thing.

bath mat bucket bag glasses case laptop case pencil cases

Actually, you can laugh. It’s ridiculous. But it is also a thing. Besides, Puffer’s are trending. 

The Good People at Livework have created some super cute casings for all your important things. With the longest name of all time for a pencil case, the ‘Little Things Padding Handle Pen Pouch’ comes in four fancy colourways:  black, lemon, orange, and my personal favourite: lavender. So damn pretty. 

And this whimsical little pouch is just the tip of the iceberg. But this iceberg won’t sink your ship:  unless your ship is a massive cruiseliner of disorganised personal items. If so, consider your Titanic on the bottom of the ocean with the sea cucumbers.

With these puffer cases, not only can your pencils get new drip, but other domestic objects such as your laptop, tablet and goggies i.e., eyewear can also get into the game with oh-so-cosy covers. Gen Z popinjays, eat your heart out. 

You can even clasp the pencil cases onto your bag or belt to make the aesthetic even lower-key (while still being ‘boss’). Consider it a statement of total dominance over writing tools: both corralling and management. Take that rubbers, rulers, pens and even scissors! Yep, we’ve even got the unruly scissors under control. 

The Livework brand also offers gorgeous mats which can be used for multiple purposes: for your damp feet after a shower or bath, for your pet’s cosy ’n’ cute poses (e.g., cats, dogs, turtles, fish-in-their bowls); or simply a pictorial and harmonious object for your home. Satisfying to the senses. 

The bucket/cooler bag is also a cute and effective accessory for picnics, gardening, grocery shopping, strawberry foraging, easter egg collecting, etc. You get the picture. 

In short, there’s a whole host of products that can be used to beautify and personify your home and domestic objects. Suit them up. xx

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