Octopus! Tattoo! Fountain Pen! Not Just a Random Set Of Words …

Especially not when you’re playing Word Association: Think Ink. 

Yep, we’ve got ink on the brain—specifically, Lousy Ink, which is - if I may say so - an exceptional product. You see, it's ink that’s made out of empty printer cartridges. Ironic because printer cartridges are always running out of the stuff, especially when you have to print out a portrait of your favourite black and white cat. 

Lousy has collaborated with Close the Loop to help ‘rescue’ waste ink from cartridges. Mike Eleven and Oli Ruskidd, both practising artists, wanted to make a change and realised that ink was not repurposed from old cartridges. They heeded the call to action from the universe of wasted ink and launched full speed into the business. They bottle the ink, sell it, and, importantly, rescue it from going to landfill. Yep, all that ink that has been abandoned from printer cartridges of days-gone-by. So sad.  But fear not; these guys are ink-saving superheroes.

Pulp stocks Lousy ink in 30ml for cyan (i.e. my favourite colour in the world), magenta (think Barbiecore) and yellow (like the brick road), as well as 50ml in black (the OG), and a pretty cool pen liner too. 

And, if you’re fresh out of quills (you know, that fancy feather in your jaunty cap that you remove to compose your romance novel), then maybe you need a Kaweco Fountain Pen. Or if the muse strikes for you to create a delicate Chinese-inspired landscape ink painting, you’ll definitely need a brush or two

So- to make a weird metaphor even weirder-  adopt some orphaned ink today. Lousy wants you to.

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