Mum is the word. The best word.

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Ever heard of Anna Jarvis? She is basically the mother of Mother’s Day. An activist who cared for soldiers in the aftermath of the American civil war, she organised women’s groups to promote friendship and health. In 1870, alongside another peace promoter and suffragette, Julia Ward Howe, Jarvis lobbied for a "Mother's Day For Peace" where mothers would ask that their husbands and sons were no longer killed in wars. It called upon mothers of all nationalities to unite to promote the "amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace”. Forty years later, in 1907, ‘Mother’s Day’ became an official holiday celebrating “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world".

The second Sunday in May is the date to honour your mum, and showing appreciation for her comes in many forms. Gift-giving is an obvious choice: a  wonderfully gratifying practice for both the giver and receiver, but sometimes it can be confusing. What should I choose? What’s within my budget? How can the gift best show my love? 

No fear, there are options. Candles, by Etikette, in a range of scents such as spiced cocoa & sassafras, or lily rose & ruby plum, to set a space for meditation or a relaxing bath; gorgeous colourful cups in many colours, out of which she can sip espresso (or something stronger - wink); or a special Daycraft notebook which is both practical and beautiful. 

Online orders with Pulp will be shipped on weekdays and arrive to gift to your Mamasita figure within 2 business days.

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