What is it about Mushrooms?

cushions felt garlands stars wind chime

They're just so darn adorable! Sometimes delicious, sometimes toxic. That’s life, I guess…

But what if you could enjoy the visual cuteness of ‘shrooms, no strings attached? Well, you can. Muskhane’s felted fungi are so charming. Easy to clean, the small, large and extra-large dotty felt mushrooms can be placed decoratively around your home to make it feel like a magical, mystical forest. 

Pulp’s range of Muskane also includes felt stars and paper garlands, which can set the mood for parties, or add extra playful energy to children’s rooms. The smarties cushions in earthy, calming colours such as dark plum, light stone and quartz pink, give toadstool energy and can transform even the hardest of seats into a nice little cush for your tush. And bet you didn’t know you needed a felt wind bell in your life. Well, you do if you want to complete the fantasy indoor thicket, adding sweet and soft sounds to the scene.

Seriously though, Muskhane is a beautiful hark back to a tradition of felting, a craft that dates back to the bronze and iron ages, in Siberia, before knitting was ‘a thing’. Felting and felted items had a specific task in the ancient past: to keep people warm and dry. Nowadays, the practice of matting, condensing and pressing fibres together (usually wool) is mostly for fun and education. Maria Montessori incorporated it into her curriculum as it is easy to do with young children. And although felt feels and looks similar no matter what the shape or object, different techniques are used to create the final product. The two main types are wet and dry felting. Wet felting uses soapy water to layers of felt to create a single piece. Dry felting is a single-strand process, using a hook to pull the strands together. 

Whatever the process, the final products are beautifully soft and so lovely for the home. 

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