It’s World Water Day!

Drink It, Jump In It, Clean With It! All Hail H20!

Pulp Water Babies, you know the drill. We tell you a bit about the history and culture of things related to stationery, suggest a few items to enhance your day, and then Whack-Bang, you and us, we’re on the same vibrational page. 

Today is World Water Day. An annual United Nations observation day to highlight the importance of Fresh Water. The UN devised it to inspire people “to learn more about water-related issues and to take action to make a difference.” So, let’s take a sip from the fountain of inspiration and get to it!

Drink Bottles

We’ve all got one. But did you know that the concept of the reusable drink bottle is far from new? Medieval Folk used animal hide—sometimes called ‘water bladders’—to bring their wine into battle. Say what?! I mean, not water, but the concept was there.  

Later, in the history of the receptacle, bottles were fashioned out of clay (the 1800s), glass in the 1900s, and in 1937, soldiers in World War I were given reusable canteens made from enamelled steel. Ten years later, in 1947, plastic bottles became a thing for quite some time. What a thing to become. We all know how that’s working out. 😭

Anywho! Fast forward to 2024, and Pulp has beautiful and sustainable options for transporting your liquids. Try these three on for size:  

Nunu Sweaty Drink Bottle. A perfect borosilicate glass container with a polypropylene lid in teal, pink or clear. What is borosilicate glass, I hear you exclaim. It’s a type of glass specifically made to resist thermal shock, more than ‘common glass’. Henceforth, you can feel safe pouring warmer or colder liquids into it without cracking or breaking. And polypropylene? It’s a robust, heat-resistant plastic. Whammo! 

Kinto Day Off Tumbler. In navy, orange, rose, and mustard. Make every day feel like a day off with this stainless steel thermos designed in Japan. It’s both a crowd-pleaser and a beverage cooler—a one-two punch of convenience and cuteness! 

24Bottles Travel Tumbler is your go-to for, believe it or not, sparkling bevvies!!! This includes—but is not limited to—fizzy water. It is also designed in Italy, made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, and 100% BPA, phthalate, and toxins-free. Beat that! You can’t!

Towels! Crayons!

Two Unlikely co-pilots in navigating World Water Day, but Shinto, Nunu Towels and honeysticks bath crayons are vibing together to provide some good things associated with water activity. 

This is how we would do it: drop your body into a bath, grab a crayon, mark up Pythagoras’ Theorem on those lovely bath tiles, contemplate the origins of life on earth, black holes, and numerology, then pop out, dry off, and make a cup of tea. Does it sound like heaven? It sure does to us! 

Not Least!

Japanese cleaning cloths! Kawaii! These charmingly delightful cloths will make cleaning enjoyable. OK, we’ll let you pick yourself up from the floor after reading that sentence. But imagine prettily scrubbing away that bath ring after your crayon ritual (robed in a gorgeous towel). Can life get any more aesthetically quintessential? Wethinks not!


And while jokes are quintessential, Pulp Stans: no ifs or buts about it, let's take a moment in this outro to be grateful for our easy access to clean and plentiful water to drink, play in, and clean with. Quite appreciatively so! xx

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