Ahoy, Me Pulp Hearties! On the Lookout For Brilliant and Beguiling Bounty?

Fold Away Your Telescope and Tell Your Quartermaster Not To Worry; Pulp Has The Swag!

Namely,  Alpaca wall art, Dodgy Paper, and Mini wooden pegs.  Random objects? We think no! Functional, unique and ultra cool? We know, yes!

Pulp Ship—I mean Shopmates! Lean into this. Does the following sound like you? You crave action and adventure and are adaptable to new experiences and situations. You have a keen sense of balance and are diligent in your work and personal life. You are dutiful, have strength of mind in stressful situations, are patient, and have stamina. Phew! 

If these traits match your mantra/style/embodied persona; congratulations! Your spirit animal is the Alpaca! If this is the case, this 80 x 100cm wall hanging of the lovely domesticated mammal could be for you. If not, having this stoic cutie pie lovingly staring at you from your internal home walls is still rather exquisite, don’t you think?

Then again, maybe your spirit animal is the camel, whose primary traits are self-preservation and self-sustainability. And there is nothing more sustainable than dodgy paper. Professor Pulp (no relation! Well, maybe a distant cousin twice removed …) makes paper out of—you guessed it—paper! 

He waves his magic paper-making kit and turns old paper into new. Yup, that’s the name of his game. And—spoiler alert—he’s winning! Which means we are, too. This paper is the ultimate camel spirit energy (reminder: adaptability, endurance and patience), available in sizes A4, A5, A6, and A7. A tip of the mortarboard to you, Professor!

Forthwith, to the obvious segue: mini wooden pegs. So many uses! So little time! How many can we think of in the next 20 seconds? Start the countdown: NOW!

Peg up your mini polaroids on a piece of string.

Fix a mini card of appreciation to a bouquet of flowers.

Hang up tiny laundry for your tiny dolls clothes.

Affix posters, display jewellery.

Fashion art, and craft-up cool paper projects.

Embellish gifts, make a DIY calendar.

Seal party bags, make place settings, or show seating plans! 

Don’t even get me started on the mini peg leg for your trusty sidekick parrot perching on your shoulder! 


This brings us full circle back to the Pirate theme quite nicely, yo ho ho ! Avast Ye! And one thousand thank yous for playing along, me buckos. xx

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