Are You Making Your Lists, Are You Checking Them Twice?

Are You a List-Maker? If not, you could be. You should be!

It's List Day, my dudes.

To-do lists, shopping lists, bucket lists, best-of lists, inventory lists, brainstorming lists, checklists, timeline lists, and top ten lists. And for the season’s sake, we must not fail to mention Christmas lists!

No matter the theme, concept or subject, it’s a fact that lists make us Better People. “How?!, Why?!” I hear you think to yourself (we’re known for our mind-reading skills) …

Let’s make a list of all the reasons, shall we? 


1. Your Brain Is Hardwired To Make Lists 

Yep, that’s right, Ultra Famous philosopher, novelist and all-round nice guy, Umberto Eco said that lists are a way that humans can make the concept of infinity comprehensible. By naming each thing, object, or activity one needs to do in a day and ticking it off, the endless list of tasks in your head actually ends! He was so into the idea that he wrote a book called ‘The Infinity of Lists’. No need for you to go through that rigmarole, though, because OHH DEER A5 Linen Daily Planners are the perfect way to execute your infinity-taming project.

2. Two words: Master Productivity 

Let’s go back to the OG King of Productivity, Benjamin Franklin. He was not just America’s first-ever PostMaster General but also the inventor of the To-Do list! The year was 1791, and Benji was already masterminding his self-improvement.

He devised a thirteen-week plan to practice essential virtues such as cleanliness and temperance, and he also set himself a strict daily routine, but he needed something written down to help him remember all the things. Cue the listicle. His idea was to “Start the day asking what good shall be done, and at the end of the day evaluate based on what was accomplished.” 

Fancy talk for ‘Getting Sh*t Done’, if you ask me. And what better way to do that than using the MiGoals Get Sh*t Done A6 notebook!? The answer is there is no better way. 

3. Organise and Make Sense of Your Life, Stat!

For real, fans. Let’s think about The Bucket List, for example. The ultimate to-do List! What better way to prioritise all the special, meaningful, adventurous and blue-sky thinking things you can/should/want to do with you beautiful life. MiGoals has a special BucketList Diary for this very thing. Rifle Paper also have a great “I'll Get To It” notepad, which can serve as a procrastination deterrer. We salute that!


4. Make Healthy Habits A Thing.

A thing like what? Things like getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, spending time outside, and exercising. We take these things for granted. But do we ever get around to doing them? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Making a list can help you be aware of your habits, be specific and clear with yourself, and be consciously motivated and accountable to your health goals. MiGoals Progress Journal (colourways of serious black and lovely lilac) can assist. 

5. Use Your Noggin’ and Don’t Forget Stuff

Come on brainiacs, flex that memory muscle. Use a list to help you lift! List Strategy is an academically sanctioned way to keep your memory recall game strong. Some clever Professors from Brandeis University in Massachusetts did a study examining list use in young and elderly adults. Guess what they found? External memory aids like physical lists are an awesome way to remember things. Additionally, they found list-making to be associated with a number of benefits including greater feelings of well-being and internal control. Bam! Lists literally help you to ‘tick all the boxes’. Here There Memo Pads and Rhodia No.8 List Notepads will also help you along your way …

Pardon my familiarity, but this list could indeed go on. You needn’t confine yourself to just two lists. Naughty or nice, sweet or savoury (recipe lists are a thing!), keep or donate … Oh, the duality! Lists are for freely ideating, wishing and creating.

Pop along to Pulp and nip procrastination in the bud … List your greatest needs, wants and desires, food items, health goals, daily tasks etc, and then get to it! xx

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