Welcome To Your Japanese 5-Star Hotel Experience: Ten-Hour Flight Not Included.

art arthouse bath bath towel beach beach house colour colours cotton cotton gauze cotton pile face towel hand towel inner pile inner pile towel Mayde NUNU Shinto soft Summer swim tote towels Winter

Don’t even think about anything else right now. Instead, imagine a full day of sightseeing in Nippon: bowing sagely and feeding crackers to the Nara deers, sampling freshly-caught Japanese mackerel from a world-class sashimi chef, perhaps first-class seats on the bullet train with uninterrupted views of Mt Fuji. Then you end the day with a relaxing private onsen. You step out refreshed and with complete and total ease. Satisfied. The experience is only heightened by wrapping yourself in the softest, most luxurious inner pile towel you have ever known. And in case you can’t quite viscerally picture it in your mind's eye, let me ruin the ending for you: It’s incredible. 

Mmm Hmm. Yep. I have two words for you: Shinto Towels. I firmly believe that they can make all your dreams come true. Well, at least the ones where getting dry is the main objective. Combining the best qualities of cotton: gauze (a light open-weave fabric), and pile (a terrycloth with three-dimensional texture), these bath-sheet babies can make a massive difference to your wet-to-dry lifestyle goals. What could be better?  I’ll tell you what: choice of colour: e.g.,  ivory, charcoal or navy blue. And we have them all here at Pulp: in mini size, face and bath towels. 

If other colours are more your bag, and in particular colours in a checkered pattern, then The House of Nunu might be more up your alley, with Red Ocre, Navy and Honey. These guys are gonna help you feel just as comfy as the Shinto; they are also 100% cotton, but slightly thicker and have more of a groovy, arthouse aesthetic. Think of being in a trendy European townhouse (maybe Berlin), where the ceilings are high and the coffee is stong. 

For more beachhouse vibes, we still have the classic Mayde Towels. Iconic, superlight, and perfect for swim days - Summer or Winter. Chuck it in your gorgeous natural carry tote, and head on down to your local ocean pool for a quickie dip. Easy, Breezy. 

Mind my Enthusiasm, as ever, but any domestic objects that can bring comfort to both body and mind in your humble home are worth their weight in deer crackers. 

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