POV: You’ve Enrolled in Rhythmic Gymnastics, But Only Have a Stick.

blue jute mulberry paper organza red ribbon ric rac stripes twine washi wrapping wrapping paper

Try Googling “Pulp Creative Ribbon”, and you’ll be halfway to expressing your feelings and emotions through movement.

There are 104 results if you choose to take part in this little experiment. That’s 104 options for colour, pattern, thickness and texture. That’s a lot of costume options for the amateur performance at the end of the term.

If this isn’t relatable, of course, ribbon (and twine) can be used for many other purposes: 

  • Fancy bookmarks for all your fancy books
  • Holding your jeans up so that they don’t fall down (i.e., a belt)
  • Making a fabulous skirt  (search that up, it’s a thing), 
  • Holiday ornaments (think of stuff swinging from a Christmas Tree)
  • Ribbon wreath (again with the Holiday vibe)
  • Incorporated in hair braiding (the dancers out there will know about this. Also very suitable and fun for school sports carnivals, fyi..)
  • Embellishing your dog’s leash! (for the most whimsical dog walking in Town)

And yes, even wrapping gifts.

Our ribbon and twine collection here at Pulp is Kind Of a Big Deal. The shop’s ribbon wall ribbon is a mecca for curators of crafting and gifting. Lovers of colour, take note: there are options-galore. Make colour combos. Show how much you care about your gift recipient and what artistic choices you can make. 

For example, match a patterned orange washi paper with a silky purple ribbon, and you’re gonna ‘Wow’ your partner on your 6th wedding anniversary. Or think of a gold and white stripe, accompanied by a marine blue ribbon, with a single string of jute wrapped around flowers to present to your favourite teacher on their birthday. Or a simple but vibrant thick red velvet bow around a natural mulberry-wrapped gift that showcases sophistication and elegance. You get the point. And the list goes on for days: sequins, dots, organza, stitching, eco, star, ric rac, ETC. 

And yes, ‘etc.’ is in capitals for effect because there are so many more options. Pop in to see them. Don’t forget your aesthetic movement gym gear. ⚙️ 

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