Wanna Hear a Joke About a Piece of Paper? Never Mind ... It’s Tearable …

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Mmmhmm, Yup.  It’s Dad Joke Season, AKA Father’s Day.

That’s September 3rd for y’all who didn’t know. 

But before I launch into a full annotated list of cringe-worthy witticisms, let's take a closer look …

The origins of this day to celebrate the big guy in your life actually come from a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd. Ms Dodd took inspo from the idea of Mother’s Day.  In 1910, while hearing a church sermon about the newly coined Day For Mothers, she felt strongly that Fathers - and her Father in particular!- needed recognition. You see, her Dad was a Civil War veteran and raised her and her five siblings on his own. Massive kudos! One can only wonder how many Dad Jokes he must have invented during his time as a caregiver … (e.g. how many times did he break out the OG: “I’m hungry. Hi Hungry, I’m Dad” … ?)

Joking aside (for now), for all the Papas and Papa-Figures out there, we have a range of really useful, thoughtful, productive and cool present ideas for all types of doting dads. 

Is he a coffee fiend? The Porter Ceramic Mug is a stylish drinking receptacle for the morning rush. Be warned, 007 vibes may take over. Standing in the queue at the cafe waiting for his Long Black, he may only answer to “Bond! James Bond!” Don’t worry; a kind bystander will realise what's happening and gently inform him that his name is still Gary. The coffee will still taste good, though. 

More of a camping enthusiast? If affirmative, we have a Gentlemen’s Hardware carabiner and enamel mugs for all tent-based hot or cold drinks. For a brew at home, The Kinto range also offers tumblers, mugs, double-wall cups, and very cool coffee cups

To stow away his tech stuff, a Delfonics Inner Carrying Laptop Bag could be the thing. They come in dark green or dark blue. Or in a smaller multipurpose version, with room for a phone and keys when he’s on the go. The Terra Thread laptop case is another superb option: cloud grey and charcoal grey. 

And, in keeping with the Secret Agent theme from earlier, toolkits can often come in handy for the aspiring spy or even the aspiring handyperson. Tactica’s Hex Drive Toolkit and the Bundle Pack are hex bit dreams come true. You name it; these kits have it: Phillips, Flat, Allen, Torx and Eyeglass bits. It’s like a hotel breakfast buffet - but for tools. 

Maybe Dad’s a gardener. The handcare kit, combined with the Amabro Folding Bucket and a packet or two of seed bombs, would put a smile on his sundial … 

And, cos he’s never got enough, we also supply the old favourite gift of socks in cute and funny prints such as li’l climbing men, skater boys, golf guys, dragons, turtles and gum nuts. Also, soy fish and camembert socks! Something for all the different types of Padres out there.

Spoiled for choices for Papa, and there is even more in-store if you want to come in for a browse … 

But to end here now, a never-ending dad joke that should keep you occupied until next Friday: 

Dad: Pete and Repeat are on a boat. Pete fell off; who's left on the boat?

Kid: … Repeat 

Dad: OK, if you say so! Pete and Repeat are on a boat. Pete fell off; who's left on the boat?

Groan and Guffaw. Thanks, Dad. Love You.

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