It’s National Banana Bread Day. Yup, You Read Me Right.

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Recipes for Optimising This Historic Day Are As Follows. 

It’s another fortuitous Friday, my friends! And this one is special. Arguably, the national sweet treat of our country is banana bread. Who of us hasn’t enjoyed a tasty morsel of B-bread? Either made with love by someone dear to us or from a local corner cafe? We’ll speculate less than 1%. 

But ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, first of all, we need to be transparent. Banana Bread was an American invention! During the 1930s, the Depression hit the US in a big way. Money for food had to be tightly budgeted, so waste was a big No-No. 

Bread is notoriously a staple food, so it made sense that creative American homemakers (mainly women in those days) developed a substitute using overripe bananas. And what an invention it came to be! It doesn’t require yeast (no need to wait for the batter to rise), so it became known as a ‘quick bread’. Like a one-two-three punch of speed, thriftiness and deliciousness! Who could ask for more? 

Now that you mention it, we can think of a few beautiful things to upgrade your sensory experience of the legendary and delectable b-bread. Lean in, Pulp stans, we have the details:

  • Accompany your mouth-watering slice with a cuppa (coffee, tea, or hot choccy) served in Nunu or Robert Gordon. Have a tea and spill some tea (gossip is best served hot) while sipping and nibbling!  

  • Saunter down to a cafe! You literally can’t walk twenty paces without passing a lovely, cosy, breezy cafe that sells delicious bread of the banana. Take your little one (you kinda have to), and bring some sidewalk chalk so they can entertain themselves while you nom on this significant national day of celebration. They will undoubtedly eat most of your plate, but thems the rules when you’re tiny and hungry. You get Mum’s lunch. No questions asked. None answered either. But you might hear Mum’s tummy rumbling at some point. We warned you. 

So that’s how it goes. Remember to say ‘Happy Banana Bread Day!’ to your family, neighbours, gym buddies, clarinet teachers (MmHmm, it’s totally normal to have more than one), local lifeguards, and whoever crosses your path today! xx

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