Hello! Are You In The Mood For Beauty?

A4 artisan paper garlands mushrooms muskhane paper washi washi tape wind chime

Silly Question, Of Course, You Are.  

Pulp Peeps! This blogisode is like a hotel breakfast buffet, except we choose for you. It’s a VIP-style first-class service. Yep, you’re the main character, we’re the supporting crew. So sit back, relax, and let me bring you a perfect plate of picturesque Pulp products!

Now, now, let’s not dawdle. Three things that will instantly colour, brighten and simply complete your day/week/month are as follows:

It’s an artisan ribbon you can stick on/to/with stuff! It’s simultaneously stellar at gift-wrapping and putting photos up on walls (washi is strong enough to hold your pics but won’t tear wallpaper or paint off your walls). It can be used in paper collages and structuring watercolour paintings (check out this vid!) 

It comes in a million colours, patterns and prints; we don’t even think that’s hyperbole. The bottom line is that it is like a drive-through one-stop in-in-out station for making stuff cute. Bam! Gauntlet thrown. 

  • Marvellous Muskhane: Ethereal, whimsical, playful, beautiful. Muskhane is a buy-once, love-forever brand. Wind chimes, garlands and decorations that can be used at every major seasonal event: Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day, you name it!! 

Mushrooms, stars, wind bells, cushions. Muskhane has you covered for all the pretty things. Tweak your supporting decorations around these statement pieces and Bob’s Yer Uncle! For those of us who actually do have an uncle called Robert, it’s a double Bobby special. 

  • Amazing A4 patterned paper: Need I even wax lyrical about our astonishing array of artisan paper (100+ varieties!)? If you’ve been to the shop, you know it’s laughable to think you would spend less than 20 minutes browsing the paper wall. Do you think we’re joshing around? We are not. 

Cast an eyeball (or two) over our offering, and you’ll soon be in The Paper Addicts Club. Think of Japanese patterns, neutrals, block colours, raised velvet, and woven jute. The list goes on.

Pop along to the shop and peruse the popular paper provisions. And by the way, if you hadn’t noticed, we’re really into alliteration this week. 

Beauty buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner? We’re all in! xx

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