Wax On, Wax Off. Remember the Karate Kid? Yes or No, Doesn't Matter. Find the Black Belt of Waxed Stuff Here at Pulp.

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Forgive my 80’s movie nostalgia, but this is important! 

For those paying attention, we talked about Lokta Paper last week. A surprise bonus is that it also comes in a waxed version. Waxed ‘Pavers’ Lokta is a lovely stone pavers print that comes in blue, green and brown. There is also (non-Lokta)  lotus red and striped waxed paper for more pattern options. And if paper bags are something you need right now, we have turtleback, flat and carry waxed bags. Noice. 

OK, listicle time. Waxed paper is ideal for:

  • Wrapping (gifts and homemade confectionary alike)
  • Screening in art projects (the translucency is beguiling) 
  • Lantern crafting (lit from the interior, this paper becomes a magical force of beauty)
  • Setting a dinner party (dazzle your guests with bespoke place-settings)
  • Great for stylists too (from kids’ Jurassic-themed parties to professional magazine photo shoots) 

We are clearly committed to the movie theme now, so let's pivot to the Sci-fi genre and talk about how bees make wax. Stranger Things? Don’t even. The Duffer Bros wish they could make this stuff up. First, think of a crowded and sweaty mosh pit. Now, imagine that instead of people, it’s bees. Masses of bees. The bees huddle together to increase the temperature in the hive to 33 degrees Celsius. This crazy bee heat allows the wax glands in their abdomens to convert the sugar from honey into beeswax. This oozes through small pores to form small scales on their stomach—a positively Oscar-worthy process. You end up with deliciously smelling crayons, bath drops, watercolour paints, and candles. Not too shabby. 

But there are other ways to wax. Rice wax, for one. As a secondary by-product obtained in making rice bran oil, it's pretty handy. Not as exciting as the hot bee party, but still super helpful in making a vegan wax option for products like these fun bath crayons

Final cinematic-related thought. If Merchant and Ivory films are more your thing (hint: English actors in corsets - hit the link for a more elaborate explanation), then maybe you’re interested in our sealing wax sticks. Hover a naked flame (from a soy wax candle!) under this paraffin wax stick and let it drip onto your choice of envelope (with top top-secret message inside). It seals the whole thing up, wax-tight.

Enough from me; now it’s time to polish Sensei’s car. 

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