Your Dilemma: A Mountain of ‘Naked’ Stockpiled Gifts Needing To Be Attired.

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Pulp’s Destiny: To provide dignity to those unadorned gifts with a range of beautiful, festive, colourful wrapping paper, ribbon and gift bags.

You know that feeling when you have procured all the gifts you need for all your important people, and then the time comes to wrap them? You go to the hall cupboard, where you know everything is. But you open it, and- devastation!- nothing! You were sure you bought a whole bunch of wrapping paper eleven months ago- rolls of it. Where in St Nicholas’s name has it all gone?!

Umm, how do we say this in a cool way? Wrapping stuff is about to get real, my friends. Think of it as small-scale Christo and Jeanne-Claude. If you’re unfamiliar with the amazing work of these artists, lean in.  

Channel Christo and Jeanne Claude Energy

These guys are the OG. This husband-and-wife team took wrapping to the next level. Why did they wrap things? The initial concept was to take an everyday object on a symbolic journey. By covering the objects, the artists sought to de-materialise things in a consumerist society. It also evoked the art of wrapping, a Japanese cultural norm in daily life. From there the twosome set their sights on much bigger projects. Specifically with things like Islands, Piers, Public Buildings,  Bridges and Cliff Faces. They did not mess around. Many of the proposed ideas unfortunately weren’t realized as the artists have now passed on, but their legacy is timeless. 

We won’t be wrapping buildings or landscapes (not to scale, anyway), any time soon, but we will be wrapping up a storm of Kris Kringles and other lovely thoughtful gifts. And we will need the materials to do so. Lucky for everyone we have the goods. Here and now. 

Let’s Do A Roll Call (Pun!)

Not technically roll, but still great paper: John Derian, Pepin Press, and All Wrapped Up wrapping paper books are cool and super handy. Patterns like ‘posy’, Disney, and Australiana are go-to's for quick and easy coverage of small-medium objects. 

Red Cap Christmas Wrapping Paper Sheets in four different patterns: Festive Blooms, Merry Ornaments, Festive Mushrooms and Merry Holiday. Quite relevant for this time of year, wouldn’t you say?

Classic and classy (!) brown paper roll. Does what it says on the packet, no fuss, no complaints. Just simple and direct. Easy to decorate with whatever you want using stickers, stamps, paint or ink. Create your own Chrissy wrap! See the people swoon and gasp.

What about something with various shapes, patterns and images such as cactus, wild horse, fireworks or nasturtiums

Handmade Artisan Lokta and Mulberry Paper is special paper for special people.

Shobori and strawberry wrapping is a step above, for when things get really fancy. Hard not to love. 

Cote D’Azur wrap can make you feel like you’re in, well, the French Riviera. Use this one to wrap a gift for a French Amie, or at least someone who wants to go there for a carefree Summer holiday. 

Clairefontaine rolls of pastel wrap are delicate and pretty. Pink, lemon, blue, mint and lilac. All the tinted colours of the rainbow. Also available in kraft pattern and colour pattern

And what about abstract dinosaurs, the great wave, early Spring flowers and Bespoke Letterpress strawberries and peaches

We know you know. There is even more on the website, and of course, if you visit the shop, your eyes will feast on all the beautiful papers up close and in-real-life. 

Wrap it Up, Baby

Closing remarks? We have wrap ‘n’ ribbon, jute and string aplenty. Shackle your goodies together with flair. Use a gift bag to make life a lil’ easier …

If you're in the neighbourhood, come say hi, peruse our collection of wrap and gifts and take home some visual delights. Make it your trademark of pizazz to personally parcel up your pressies.

And try saying that ten times fast, we dare you! xx

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