Love Is In The Air. And So Is The Year of The Dragon.

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Time to Write Some Poetry and Give Out /Receive Money Bags!


Righty-ho, Pulp Aficionados, here’s a question for you. Which came first? Chinese New Year or Valentine's Day? 

Here’s more than a clue: 

Have you ever heard of the Shang Dynasty? No? Well, this dynasty from 16000 BCE held sacrificial (gulp!) ceremonies to appease the gods at the start of every new year to ensure what lies ahead would be trouble-free and prosperous. Must keep those celestial beings feeling jocular! 

Also, the Shangs developed the first “fully developed writing system” in the form of The Oracle Bone Script. Shabby, that is not. 

OK, so we’re also pretty sure that the 8th century is after all of this Shang stuff, which is when ‘The Feast of Saint Valentine was first recorded. 

St Valentine was the saint of beekeepers  - amongst other things! - whose death was celebrated on the 14th of February, coincidentally when the Spring lovebirds would be out and about in the Northern Hemisphere. The bees make sense now. 

It turns out that people got all caught up with the love energy in the air -and thus, the day became associated with romance. From the Animal Kingdom to Human Holidays. My my, what would David Attenborough say?!

Who knows? But we can recommend three things to enhance, adorn, aggrandise, and amplify the double celebrations. Turn it up, then!

  • Decomposition notebooks. Smaller than your magical rectangular prism, it fits in your back pocket, ready when you are when romance strikes! Romance for anything. Your love for dumplings, vintage cars or public swimming pools. Or all three! Keep your memories of them. Rate them in rhyme with a special pencil, like the poet that you are. You know you want to. 

  • Dailylike Moneybags. If you know, you know. Chinese New Year tradition dictates that older family members give younger family members cash in little red (or cutely illustrated) paper bags. How sweet is that! The money bags symbolise good luck and prosperity for the new year. And it is a lovely way to help save up for everything the little ones have their eyes on. 

  • Heart tags. For the practicalities of Valentine’s Day! Tie them on your prezzies. Use them as a mini card around a posy or bouquet. Place them strategically around your home with messages of love and appreciation for your special person to find in a whimsical and surprising treasure hunt! (And yes, that special person could even be you! Self-motivation notes never looked so good!) Or use them as multi-thematic place settings on a CNNY dinner with the fam. We’re here for the longevity noodles. 

Well, whaddya know, when all’s said and done, it looks like the Shang Dynasty and the esteemed Saint Valentine are relevant to us Pulpheads in more ways than one. 

So, three cheers for the Wood Drago year ahead, and three cheers for sending all the love out to all the people in your world! Bravo, woo-hoo, hippity, hip, hooray! xx

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