2024 is Coming For Us, And All You Have is a Half-Filled-In 2023 Diary.

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Pulp Has Pleasing And Beautiful 2024 Diaries You’ll Actually Want to Use (please note the use of italics for emphasis.)

Chums, I know it’s relatively early to be yapping on about 2024 diaries, but time moves in mysterious ways. It can slither at a snail’s pace across prosaic routines and travel down the highway of everyday life like a speed demon. Who knows what mood it’ll be in when it wakes up?’ So, while we’re sitting pretty here on Friday the 13th, you can bet your bottom dollar that while you’re avoiding black cats and prepping Halloween lolly bags, it’ll be no time before the trick-or-treaters are tucked up in their beds and New Year's Eve is knocking down your door instead. You know I’m right. 

The Etymology of ‘Diary’ 

The word ‘diary’ comes from the Latin “diarium” (translating to ‘daily allowance’). The word ‘journal; has similar roots, with the French word for ‘day’ being ‘jour’. Yes, that’s right, as in the ever-so-fancy ‘Soup Du Jour’. Pumpkin, usually at this time of year (wink). Literal, or what?! In these crazy times of screen-based everything, the art of diarising one’s life is a novelty. Clearly, the world requires some inspiration. Let’s rummage through the annals of history to see what we can find. 

The What-Who, Now? Pepys Sounds Like a Soft Drink. 

It is time to think about The Great Journalers, who existed before Vloggers and Bloggers and who described, jotted, narrativised, scribbled and footnoted everything that they noticed: from the first whiff of Spring in the air to major cultural events that happened around them. Many of these diarists are in the history books (you can regard them as vintage influencers). Today, we’ll focus on  Samuel Pepys, a naval administrator historically ordained as the first-ever diarist. Pepys recorded his daily life with intense self-scrutiny and detail for ten years between 1660 and 1669. He left no stone unturned and committed all his life adventures and observations to paper (in his diary!) From love affairs to tragedies to household routines. So much so that Historians today use his chronicles to gain greater insight into life and culture in the 17th Century.  Furthermore, because he was an eyewitness to - and documented- events such as The Great Plague of London, the Second Dutch War and The Great Fire of London, his texts have been an essential primary source for The English Restoration Period. Not so shabby, Sam! 

Memories or Memoirs? 

What does this elucidate for us? A completed diary (i.e. a diary at the end of its year of use) is basically a memoir. Or it could be. Have you ever considered taking your dog-eared ‘Day Book’ to one of The Big 5 in Publishing? No? Well, think about it now. Become Samuel Pepys!  Imagine your very own Published Diaries! Visualise being headhunted by Bloomsbury (JK Rowlings-style). Your weekly shopping list (with descriptive annotated notes attached) could be a bestseller. 

Be The Diary. Ommmm. 

OK, this is all good and well, but you gotta start somewhere. Here’s a quick rundown of what we have on offer to make all your diary/logbook/annals/organiser/novella dreams come true:

So, me, Mateys, don’t let Father Time - and His crony 2024- get the upper hand. Don’t let the wily ways of Halloween distract you! Don't be tricked; instead, treat yourself early. Time to seek out the 2024 diary. You know it’s the right thing to do. 

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