A new notebook is a beautiful thing.

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It’s clean and fresh. It smells earthy. It’s smooth and perfect. 

But a used notebook - a notebook you want to use - is another form of rich beauty. It holds promise. It invites you to share your ideas as paragraphs, dot points, illustrations, stickers, doodles, and saved notes from memorable experiences. 

Shopping lists, manifestations, recipes, job contacts, lecture notes. Maybe a phone number scrawled from an admirer. Dog-eared pages, creases, coffee stains, warping and smudged ink infuse the notebook with your personality, memory and story: which is the point, right? 

With a beautifully unique approach to design, the Midori series of notebooks have been a staple at Pulp for years. The spine is wrapped in cheesecloth, usually an internal characteristic to help strengthen the book's structure. Endpaper, traditionally used inside the book to hide raw edges, is used as the cover. Simply beautiful. 

Beautiful and functional, featuring minimalist design and artisan craftsmanship, Midori notebooks make writing more comfortable and enjoyable. 

The link is here to order one online from us.

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