NEZ REFLET Detendu Incense

NEZ REFLET Detendu Incense

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Detendu. Evoke emotional connection.

Incense has been made in Japan for hundreds of years and much of it comes from Kyoto which is a more traditional area of Japan known for its customs that are continued even today. Nez Reflet is a new company that is based in Kyoto with its own style that is targeted to the modern world. Incense in tins, fragrance names such as Fantasy and Café and the prettiest boxes all combine to create a wider appeal for the new community of incense lovers.

Japanese Incense:

A superior series with a burn time of 30 minutes. Designed for those times when you can take half an hour for contemplative leisure such as in your favourite café or in your garden and each fragrance is named accordingly.

Burn Time: 30 minutes. Contents: 40 sticks.

Package Size: w40mm x d125mm x h25mm.