HERMA A5 Pouch

HERMA A5 Pouch

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The semi-transparent HERMA Universal Bags with a practical zipare made of abrasion-resistant and robust mesh fabric; the contents are semi-visible. Multi-purpose bags for storing, collecting, sorting and archiving, at home, at work and on the road. They are also ideal for storing documents, records and small items such as handicrafts, toys, school documents, cosmetics, toiletries and tools, electronic accessories, camping supplies... the list is endless. They are flexible and robust, yet easy to open and close.

The special feature? The zip doesn’t only run along one side, it’s also sewn over the corner (corner zip). This means that the bag can be opened wide, so even larger items like folders and exercise books can be stowed away easily without having to fiddle with them.

material: EVA.

size: A5 - 26x20cm.