MT Masking Tape: Matte Grey

MT Masking Tape: Matte Grey

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This single roll of tape is great for sticking posters to walls, labelling draws and jars, pretty up journals, seal envelopes, wrapping gifts... Such a handy tape to have around the home and office. MT Masking Tape helps unleash creativity and deliver colour into any application. Japanese company Kamoi has been producing various forms of adhesive masking tape and washi tape for over 90 years, largely for industrial use. What we now know as MT Tape really began in 2006, after three women approached Kamoi and showcased the beautiful craft projects they’d been making with the industrial tape. Their visit inspired an entirely new direction and range for the MT brand washi tape.

Size: 15mm x 10m. 

Material: Traditional Japanese washi paper with stick on one side.

Made in Japan.