Kids Grow Journal
Kids Grow Journal
Kids Grow Journal
Kids Grow Journal

Kids Grow Journal

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The GROW Journal is a simple way to build really beneficial life skills, so kids can navigate their ever changing worlds with confidence and resilience, and feel lots of joy along the way.  

The GROW Journal is full of prompts that:

  • Foster kindness, empathy, tolerance and gratitude 
  • Create positive thought patterns and a healthy mindset about themselves and the future  
  • Get them recognising their different emotions and engaging in self reflection so they learn to handle big feelings
  • Create richer conversations so you can really connect - no more one word answers!
  • Build self awareness so they are able to make choices that feel right to them
  • Bring mindfulness and calm 
  • Give growing minds a break from screen time 


  • Includes specialised stickers for fun, and to personalise their journal!

- A5 cover, soft PU leather
- 262 unique double pages
- 120gsm paper that is pencil, crayon and texta/marker friendly
- High quality binding that opens flat for easy use
- Page divider ribbon and elastic bookmark